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    Show your newest image

  2. Alexander Oganezov

    Weird Issue...

    if you use websec or anything similar it might auto-switch you to different language based on your reported location. happened to me few times, just matter of switching back to english at the top of the page
  3. Alexander Oganezov

    SHOW your latest download

  4. Alexander Oganezov

    Do New Images Sell?

    I am not sure its a global change for all. Perhaps you get 'picked' now more frequently based on whatever criteria search algo uses. Coincidentally in last 10 days my sales have plummeted. Being new, I started having close to 3-4 downloads a day (even on weekends, which was strange) and now its back to 0 to 1-2 if lucky.
  5. Alexander Oganezov

    File transfer error

    indeed, i dont get it either why they cant report during upload. It feels to me that 'transfer error' relates to reviewer not being able to grab file for review from ss servers, even if file isnt corrupted there.
  6. Alexander Oganezov

    "Single & other" Downloads

    They can be a lot lot more
  7. Alexander Oganezov

    File transfer error

    I've had number of file transfer errors so far, probably my highest rejection reason of all uploads -- resubmission tends to work for me without any additional changes.
  8. Alexander Oganezov

    The generic milestone thread...

  9. Alexander Oganezov

    'Thank you for your content upload' spam

    or maybe dont force all your contributors to do that; doesnt look like anyone missed/wanted them.
  10. Alexander Oganezov

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Worst week so far for me since I started a bit over 2 months ago.
  11. Seems we are now starting to get 'Thank you for your content upload!' email each time we submit photo. I couldnt find any way to disable those, and it seems to be spamming now on every file submission.
  12. You can still enter lots of descriptions at once for all images without having to submit all of them at the same time.
  13. Alexander Oganezov

    New images are missing from Popular

    they already do for you, see the edit:)