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    Newbie Post: Fixing Focus and Composition errors

    Bin them both, they are snapshots; unfortunately so are your other accepted images. This might sound harsh but you are basically attempting to sell "hello world" program that barely compiles to others, while your competition is trying to optimize drivers in assembly. If you plan on seriously getting into this you should read/watch lessons on photography; there are plenty of great videos on youtube on composition and other topics. Once you cover basics and understand things like rule of thirds, subject isolation, how to work with light, how to expose properly, then you can start watching lessons on genre-specific stuff. Macro, landscape, portrait, sports etc.. all have their own nuances. After that you might want to pick lessons on editing. You for sure don't need to be a pro to start selling here, but at your current level you are likely just wasting time.
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    Few times i've done it I just submitted reference image as a property release and it passed.
  4. I upload/submit whenever I have photo ready without bothering with splitting things into batches. If you are still testing the grounds of what can go through and what can't, it's probably better to upload few shots from a batch, so that you don't waste time tagging/describing things that might, for example, all get rejected as "non-licensable content" (say if your images have tons of graffiti in them). Also if your shots cover similar subjects, it's probably better to submit them over few weeks, so that each one gets a chance to be 'new' in listing, rather all 20 being new at once and disappearing from the buyers radar. In a long run though it probably does not matter either way.
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    Same Images Selling from Different Sites

    Could be a reaction to certain events or news.
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    Newbie Post: File Transfer Errors on most of the 20 photos I submitted

    What is really annoying is that it's unclear what the error even means. What we know is: JPG files that fail with this error have proper metadata, as tags/description are extracted properly, as can be observed at submission stage. Preview is generated properly as well, even if metadata does not contain resized thumbnail in EXIF. JPG spec does not contain any checksum, so they can't possibly be checking image integrity that way. It's clear that the issue is almost never with files themselves as simple reupload tends to fix the problem. No other agency is having same issue (at least from 5 that I upload to). Any potential network issues during upload should result in either visible corruption (would show in preview; if we can't detect it in preview, reviewer wouldn't be able to detect it live either) or a header damage (would be detected during exif extraction). All this brings then a question of what does the issue actually mean. @Alex Shutterstock Can we get some clarification as to what does it actually mean on technical side when transfer error is reported? And are there any plans to fix this?
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    Your Popular Images

    You can just view all that sold in top performers. Web ui doesn't let you select number per-page directly but you can modify url easily to suite your needs: https://submit.shutterstock.com/earnings/top-performers?page=1&date_range=0&sort_direction=desc&per_page=20&language=en Changing 'per_page=20 to say =100 or any other number' will change output of the page.
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    Your Popular Images

    SS for sure have tweaked stuff over years as to how to track photo popularity and internal stats/metadata associated/needed to track that. It's possible as they've updated popularity tracking algorithm that they haven't converted all existing photos to include or change the tracking metadata, which would explain why your old photos that sold a lot don't get shown in popular. For me so far, for the most part popular view have been more or less consistent with what has been sold or added to lightboxes (at least first page of popular view; beyond that it's a mix of what has been sold and newly uploaded stuff)
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    Newbie Post: File Transfer Errors on most of the 20 photos I submitted

    You aren't alone hitting similar issues, rather frequent occurrence on SS to get those transfer errors. Just resubmit.
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    Show your newest image

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    Your Popular Images

    I think there is some sort of decay built into popularity, where popularity decays at some constant rate and each purchase/view/lightbox addition adds certain score back into popularity rating of the image. This is purely from observations, where some images that were sold together but only once would move in popularity list in synchronous manner.
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    The generic milestone thread...

    Heh thanks, nowhere near your 16k+, but feel drained after getting here in 4 month period. Some rest then to hit further milestones.
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    Rejected: File Transfer Error

    Agree on #1 but why this? I would rather see it with all other rejected things, than be hidden