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  1. So I made a video showing a youtube analytics tool and it got rejected with a following reason: Non-Licensable Content: We cannot accept this image into our commercial or editorial collection, or we are no longer accepting this type of content. Is this real or another random rejection? I would like some clarification whether content like this is ok as editorial or not.
  2. Your NASA launch pad clips are probably a big part of your sales, would you say that the same can be replicated without access to such location? I have a good opportunity to shoot Prague but you know it's not exactly news worthy content... I imagine it would work for lifestyle shoots with models though, there's my next year's resolution haha.
  3. I usually use single words like "french" "press", however I noticed some popular images are saturated with two word combinations of keywords. Other than saving space, is there any advantage to using those? Do two word combinations have more weight in search as opposed to splitting them?
  4. I hope you realize that this sounds like the pathetic Pond5 stream from a year ago? How does resetting everyone in January promote fresh content? People will sell old content at the same rate as before. If anything you're incentivizing contributors to upload tons of videos more so they can get the numbers up early, which is hardly effective. If you really want to motivate people to save that precious server space, you should make tiers based on the percentage of sales vs number of assets. If you wanted to motivate people to upload new and fresh content, make payout brackets linked to the age of the clip (although for many genres this makes no sense?). If this is anything but a quick cash grab from our pockets then your strategy is questionable to say the least. ^^^also as far as that 25,000, I bet your even Blackbox doesn't sell that much.
  5. Disgusting SS. Truly disgusting, the reset every year is the biggest nonsense here. You know most sales happen during christmas season. So basically you just stole half of our earnings in the first half of the year. Looks like if you want to do shutterstock now it's only via blackbox. I'm not one to jump the gun usually, but this smells so bad I might consider going exclusive with Pond5. Go team P5!!!!
  6. This is something to think about, I think some people are jumping the gun here and over reacting to something that we don't know much about how it's really going to affect sales. Wasn't it "on my way to 40k total earnings" a year ago? Anyway you're right about 4k, especially when there is low quality 4k. I think 139 would be a sensible slashing for now, but 99 seems pretty reasonable to me. When I started shooting 1 and half year ago, I thought woah people will pay so much for 4k?? I always thought it was a bit overpriced, especially given the investment required now. Anyway how many clips did you submit in those 13 months? EDIT: currently having 4 clips submitted for over a week, almost scared to add anything lol.
  7. Wow, that is incredible. I think SS might be trying to top Pond5 with contributor relations. Seems like in stock world it's enjoy your sales today, cause there might not be any tomorrow.
  8. I don't post here often but there is something I have to say here... nearly all of the editorial videos get accepted very quickly. Nearly all commercial videos take many days to review (3-5, used to be much less) and most of them get rejected for noise. Look if there was any rising standard to the quality I would understand, but to me this seems like a reviewer gets a batch of clips to review and when their shift is over they reject the rest as noisy clips... What is this? Same clips get accepted when I reupload them, videos with no noise issues, pixelation etc. It takes so long to get any commercial videos in now it looks like SS wants us to upload only editorials or something. I don't understand.
  9. Nice! A question: is the list limited to recent downloads or will it keep accumulating and showing all downloads since now?
  10. Saw a huge group of UFO's myself, it was very beautiful. It was just orbs of light randomly appearing and disappearing very high in the sky, flying in random patterns around each other and instantly changing speed to something way faster than any aircraft short of ISS could produce, presumably INSIDE atmosphere. I think it took each object to reach horizon around 1 second when they disappeared from our sight, before they were right above us I'd say around cloud height or higher (it was clear evening sky). The horizon we could see was cca 10 km away, so that's around 10 km per second. No acceleration as well, just straight to warp speed. It was quite freaky. My best guess is it's an atmospheric phenomenon.
  11. Okay, it was a rendered scene so I guess it will be as clean as it gets thanks
  12. Just uploaded two clips of the same thing - one with transparent background in .mov format "animation" codec, another as standard H.264 with green screen. Because of the no similars policy the transparent background was rejected. Now I'm wondering which one is preferable to buyers... I noticed that it's also possible to render in ProRes to get transparent background. If you were to pick one format to go with, which one?
  13. I have a video of some PANTONE color swatches I want to post, but when I was checking basically all big stock sites similar videos come up as all commercial use. However logic dictates that the color swatch itself and the PANTONE name is a registered trademark and therefore should be editorial...? What's the deal? Thanks
  14. Just want to check whether it's ok to use textures or assets from paid for or free libraries creating 3D render videos, or should I create everything from scratch? Does it depend on each source or is there a general rule for what is ok to use? Thanks!
  15. Umm what? I was talking to the guy who started the topic... His sales. As far as discussion with you, sorry no interest in that. I do only video and so far been doing pretty good considering what I have in my port. The guy started a thread asking for some assessment and you just start rambling about nothing, that's why I called you out. I think you need a hard look at your psychological patterns, I mean for someone so disgruntled with stock you sure spend a lot of time around here.
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