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  1. Probably true for many cases, but incorrect for my case as i don't work with vectors. My trees are are all handmade brushes. I have made lots of single trees and tree lines with up to 50 trees (lazy ground work to add details later).
  2. You are a smart one, i will give that a try! Thanks.
  3. I got this (and 4 similar) rejected as per below. I had checked it as Illustration and the additional detail to "Illustration without reference image" (or whatever it says). How am i supposed to upload a reference image when it's painted out of my head in Photoshop? Anyone had similar problems? I've uploaded these kind of images earlier without any problems.
  4. I get reviews in lumps with around 2-3 days interval. Every Commercial/Illustration/Editorial (as if it's different teams) picture uploaded during those 3 days gets reviewed at the same time.
  5. Will be daylight here and it will be just above the horizon so will probably not see it.
  6. I have logged in and out on different computers over a 2 month period and still doesnt work. My video port still shows all videos on SS.
  7. Have been traveling Europe a lot (before i worked with raw footage unfortunately) but never been there! Correct! Just a stupid nickname, nothing else. haha This time of year is amazing here. It's green everywhere and we have the midnight sun too. Waiting for vacation so i can stay up all night and take some unique photos!
  8. Love the pics from Rappenseeh├╝tte, looks amazing there!
  9. My latest download and also my first download! A lot faster than i had anticipated!
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