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  1. I would like to avoid entering a Description and Keywords before submitting again. Maybe this is a website design feature, not a flaw. As a first-time Shutterstock Contributor, the learning curve is steep when finding inadequate and incorrect online Help documentation, instances of terminology ambiguity, and pages that are casually mentioned but not titled with the same term. My first submission was "not approved" (which apparently is NOT the same meaning as "Rejected"). I have corrected the video file and used ftp to upload. Eventually the file appeared as an item in the "Content Editor" that is often referred to in documentation, but is not actually titled as "Content Editor" on the page. OK, so I'm ranting a bit. So... am I required to re-enter my previously-used Description (no copying was possible from the last submission...), and re-search and enter the previously-used Keywords before pressing the red Submit button?
  2. Answered my own question by selecting the greyish "Description" word, which I now know to be identical to the concept of "Title". This application should be subjected to rigorous review by a Usability Lab. I've found so many disconnects between instructional page content and the application. Loose use of terms does not help either.
  3. The Title of this post says it all. I've uploaded my first content file to shutterstock. I've discovered how to cope with the Keyword Suggestion Tool. I would like to tap the red Submit button. Guide pages say to create an excellent Title. But how? Please don't say "use the Content Editor". Did I make a mistake and fail to select a great Title to use as the filename when uploading the file (not pick a Title later)?
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