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  1. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Zero wednesday. New low.
  2. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Shitty month. 1600 pics feels like 20% better than 600 pics. What a waist of f time.
  3. Dilomski

    Commercial Value of Wildlife Photos

    Zoo aint wildlife. Pictures are good, no doubt, but they aint true wildlife photography, no offence.And to add, stock photography rarely deserves more then that - as the other dude said - wildlife takes a lot of effort (sure, as many other photography branches), so a zoo shot or something in that matter is plenty good for the potential buyer.
  4. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Its not about quality here, its about luck and quantity. Quality photography aint stock photography. Thats my opinion.
  5. Dilomski

    Car photography

    The 100mm macro is a dope choise. Other than that I use 16-85 for the regular shots. More important is whats behind the camera and trust me, most of these festivals are not good for photos, due to a LOT of people around, bad backgrounds, too crowded with cars around and stuff. Check you my car gallery and see what I mean
  6. Dilomski

    The most popular egg in the world

    You bet. We re living in the ""Idiocracy" movie, reaching new heights, or maybe I should say lows.
  7. Dilomski

    74 photos and nothing is sold

    Let me get the popcorn!
  8. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    0 sales on sunday, 0 sales yesterday, 0 sales today so far. A M A Z I N G.
  9. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Its all just major bs really. 1400 photos sell as good as 600 photos. Improvement? BS! I feel like a prostitute, that on top of all doesnt get the buck she deserves for her labor.
  10. Dilomski

    Finally hit my goal, a few thoughts

    Thanks for the 2 cents, really helpful for those of us, who think they "struggle" in the game. My december was sh!t as usual on the pics side, but surprisingly good on the video side, I dig your words. Congrats!
  11. Well, I dont buy it. I mean, I know its true for the person who wrote it and thats great, but its now working like that for everyone, for everything. For example my wildlife photos arent selling as some other types of photos, like say travel or people. I have great car detail photos, which donts sell as much either.And so on, and so on. My point is - your photos can be great, but just not what the client wants. And many times the client doesnt have "the eye" for quality things, just wants much contrast and many vivid colors. Plain and simple. My 2 cents: WIth around 600 photos I made the same or better as with nearly 1300 photos now. NOT everyone is getting that upscale graph as some. Thats all, its not as straight forward as it looks.
  12. Dilomski

    Nothing bad to say about AI

    And I thought I had dirty mind....
  13. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    That is true. Truck looks good, kudos to your husband for the work on it. I have a second gen Toyota 4runner which is enough headache at the moment
  14. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    These are quite trendy right now, at least you could take it for a spin and do a photoshoot of it out in the wilderness. Its should be cool, and can get a buck or two
  15. Dilomski

    Are wildlife photography selling?

    Oh, I feel neglected, I highly doubt that someone got better swifts in flight than me. Or Great Bittern pics.