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  1. Not a single ODD this month, and I usually get between 3 and 6 every month. I just love the new system. I might upload new content, I feel so motivated!
  2. I have probably more money in coins laying in the car then my lousy 5,40 $ so far this month. And since its exactly half of the month now, if this keeps up I will end up around 11 $, and usually I make 20+ $ monthly. So yeah, huge improvement. Right. @Kate Shutterstock Is this your potential?
  3. Potential they said. Well, here is your potential. 5,40 $ out of 24 sales for the month so far. 2 SOD - one for .30, one for a dollar. Not a single OD. Usually I get around 4 to 6 OD per month, now I see the "potential". Potential is getting less than .25 cents after 2,5 years of working here. Potential is getting lied to you face with pretty, meaningless words, Kate Shutterstock. Potential is getting in my shoes, taking my 300 f2,8 to hand hold to take stunning swift in flight shots, which now get about 10 cents when sold. Potential? Potential, my ...
  4. SS just got AWESOME Level 5, Level 1, same isht ho-ho-ho. Sarcazm!
  5. Well I guess not much cash left to even implement the new system in time.😁 C'mon, now, be precise SS! Stand by your word!
  6. Dirt, moisture, what the fcuk? D500 in daylight, fo real? major bs standarts right here. Plus, its not like shooting wildlife videos is the easiest thing to do - you may have the equipment, but you need skill, patience, knowledge and luck to get the freaking results. And at the end of the day some jerk to say its moisty or whatever.
  7. No sales since 9th. 4 days in a row, today still nothing. Yeah, I said it.
  8. Thanks for the input guys. To me, its a pure rip-off. My vectors are worth more. I will delete them now. Thanks again!
  9. Hi there, In addition to my pics and video portfolio here I decided to give a try to upload some of my original vector artwork. I am a big fan of the american sports mascot style and I have done a lot of concept mascots. I uploaded a few of them a couple of days ago and today I sold one for 33 cents. Okay, I know that is the regular price, but do the buyers get a small res .jpg file for that price or do they get the .eps file?? If the can download the .eps file for so cheap, what will stop them for making whatever they want with it - merch, prints, so on? And those of you, who sell vectors mostly - how are the earnings? Does it worth it?
  10. Zero weekend, zero monday. Oh yeah, keep it up SS.
  11. 7 lousy sales for the month so far, not even 5$ made. Oh yeah, I feel like a millionaire. NOT.
  12. Still nothing today, second day in a row, and that is working days. 🤮
  13. I liked your pictures. Greetings from a fellow wildlife photographer
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