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    Birds and other stuff
  1. Well, basically I have very good wildlife (birds) pictures, but they dont sell as good as human stuff.Humans like humans and dont care much about wildlife, sadly.
  2. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Same here.
  3. 855 pics, 40 downloads.Much or less, legit.
  4. Oh yeah, USA'94.I was 11 then and all the hype seemed normal, beat Germany, Argentina and other very good teams before losing to Italy.When the years passed one can realize that 94 World Cup was the best performance to date and doubtly will be ever beaten.Still its always fun to support the underdogs at every Cup, thats where the magic happens, in my opinion
  5. True that.Actually the first WC since many years, when I am not watching.Dont miss it, actually.
  6. There is a World Cup now? I dont have a TV
  7. Dilomski

    504 gateway timeout

    Ohh, great, I thought I am the only one
  8. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Same shhhh here
  9. Dilomski

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Steady month on my footage - again 0 sales 😅😅
  10. Dilomski

    Milestone 14,000

    Good, but this can be a choise for the buyer later on - just like the sizes for photos and the different licenses.No need for repeting in the gallery (and the search results).
  11. Dilomski

    Milestone 14,000

    One thing is similar images, another is a complete, identical dublicate.One time I uploaded a picture and I got rejected due to "identical content" or something like that, meaning I already have this picture uploaded and in my portfolio.So I thought identical images cant be uploaded twice.I dont approve of this double images.
  12. Dilomski

    Milestone 14,000

    Thanks, Linda! 😊
  13. Dilomski

    Milestone 14,000

    Not to open a new topic, but yesterday I got a milestone too - reached 100$ (out of 170 dowloads total) in earnings!
  14. Dilomski

    Facebook group circumvents copyrights

  15. Dilomski

    Facebook group circumvents copyrights

    How come SS is the copyright holder, when mine images are mine, yours are yours and so on, UNTIL we sell the exclusive rights for image to someone else? Or I dont understand how stuff works.