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  1. Not only has my income per download decreased by 50%, not 20%, but the number of downloads for June is half what it was in May (so far). Also it appears that people in North America are no longer able to see my content very high up in the searches. Zero downloads from North America whereas more than half were from that region in the last two years. I am still a newby and my portfolio is small; but these have been shocking changes that can't entirely be explained by those facts and the pandemic. Are search results being manipulated to favor larger more established contributors? Is Shutterstock charging customers much lower prices as well as reducing commissions? These things are making it hard to stay motivated and focused on the long term.
  2. This is my first post to the critique forum. All feedback is welcome. But I am especially interested in opinions regarding whether the image will appeal to buyers looking for this subject matter. Thanks.
  3. I agree with Laurin. Less sky and maybe a bit less foreground along with contrast and color correction would make it. I might also crop the foreground a bit also. I like the tall building contrast juxtaposed with the mountain. And like one of the other commentors, I would probably crop a bit off the right side.
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