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  1. Thanks Tony. I tried them 4 times so far at various sites even with blurring the yellow (Asics as it turns out) shoes, no dice. I think when it comes to shoes and it has some curving shaped stripe on the outside, people just shy away from it cuz they instantaneously associate it with the Nike brand and figure: I don't know what that is, but if Nike is "picky" about their logo, it's safer to reject this. No harm (to them) to do so and surely safer. Sc...w it. I will survive without another mighty 10 cents!
  2. Thanks Charles and Sari. whatever brand it is, my issue is with the design and if it is such a strong characteristic that it unmistakably identifies the brand. if not, than rejecting it is like rejecting photos with cars (no logos or brand identification marks) just based on strong familiar shapes like a VW bug, etc. which I do know is protected by some special trademark registration or something. so it's not a good example. but I just quoted it as reference. based on simply shape I don't think it's right to reject it. it is not the main motive in the photo, though I admit it stands out because of the yellow color.
  3. speaking of rejections (legit or bogus). let me try to pick your brain fellow SS sufferers. on the attached clip (I am not talking about quality or sharpness or noise or.... none of that), strictly from the guy's shoe point of view! are those decorative brown stripes on the shoe considered some sort of a logo or representation of brand? it's clearly not like the much recognizable NIKE swoosh! it got rejected by two sites for "visible trademark". I don't know. I always thought those were just design elements. Tx.
  4. Will, unless these are extremely important photos to you to get them through, I wouldn't waste much time with them. I have had about 260 photos here for a couple of years now about Budapest. many about the Fisherman's bastion, the Parliament, the Matthias church, etc. some (I am not trying to brag here!) of them are decent images. I have similar images to yours as well, perhaps in a bit more favourable lighting. and I can count on one hand how many ever sold (for 25 cents during the "good old days"). actually from the 260 only 62 were downloaded and brought in a total of $18 : ). so unless I am super unfortunate and you would be very, very lucky with buyers (the bastions is almost empty these day. no tourists) if you hammered them through...? I don't see much point to sweat it for one more minute. But I fully feel your frustration with recent reviews. I don't even bother any more. waste of time and energy. here is one of mine of the Matthias church. not great. never sold. just an example. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/matthias-church-budapest-facade-fine-details-1103637134
  5. You have a "quality port" (so does Wilm!). That makes a difference.
  6. Thx George. As they say: no pain, no gain. Maybe I will apply that philosophy here too. Besides, the sale of that photo at other sites outweigh the sale of it at SS. I am sure it will not just vanish into nothing overnight. It may even result more or better sales at these other sites!? Good bye 10 cent sales : ).
  7. I wouldn't characterise it as "unpopular opinion" : ). Congrats, great for you. Only that most experiences noted here are those about the poor sales.You and Steve are the exceptions. Wee need all the positive reports here too if there are any (many) to see the plus side. Not just the doom.
  8. I can't help but wondering! I have one (maybe more) photo(s) that gets downloaded at several micro site and I suspect that some of those come from google search, now! I get around a Buck per download for it at AS, some 80+ cents at iS, also 95 cents at DT on average. but only around 50 cents here at SS and most of those were downloads from back in the "good old days" and obviously every new 10 cent sale brings that further down. Now, I wouldn't mind deleting it here (the 10 cents reason), but I can't decide if I am shooting myself in the foot by doing so in a manner of speaking? because it might hurt the google search side, no? I think the Google "memory" may stay in place for around a couple of weeks after deleting the target file. and if the link is broken, a thumbnail image still remains, but the buyer may get annoyed and not buy it even if he/she finds it offered at a different micro site. any thoughts on that?
  9. that's a simple enough math George, a 10 cent is a 10 cent. not very attractive no mather where you look at it from. perhaps I will do the same, i.e.: delete a few better selling images that also sell either at AS or iS. missing out on a few 10 cents is not a huge loss. tx. for the tip. food for thought. and good luck to you at AS!
  10. perhaps worth to try to submit them at SS : ). though with the portrait orientation?? not so sure : ). it's long odds. I see 2 or 3 landscape formats there too. what's the rational? CD cover or something?
  11. True. I am not holding my breath. What I am noticing though, and it may not have anything to do with SS (or it may?), but DL numbers (and views) picked up quite a bit at iS. I don't mind. Every bit helps.
  12. I had this little "income" precisely a year ago in July 2019. but with half the of PF size back then and half the number of downloads. it say is all. not pretty for sure.
  13. "I have had numerous sales of my famous 'Cow and Gate' picture through Ad*be for over 70c a time when I was only getting 10c a time here." that sounds like a 7 times more reasonable rate! Lucky for you that the Adobe sales compensate for the loss at SS. Not sure if AS has a similar tier (now called level) system, but mostly I seem to get only the 33 cent sales there lately and that won't lift my spirit much either. Especially that not too many even of those. SS still wins the "volume game" hands down (for me), only at a miserable, laughable, disguasting rate. Though at AS my average is 77 cents and here around 47. Only that I get no volume at AS. So it's not a real "substitute" for me at the moment. It would be interesting to calculate the RPD of your cow photo in the last full month you posted it here (after June 1st) and over at AS. I still bet that it won't be like 10 to 70. But I am NOT trying to influence you in any way! Just curious.
  14. Yes, too much advertisement can be counterproductive : ). On one hand it brings attention to the site (unfortunately in this case probably more so from the "wrong side" of the market), on the other hand people can get carried away with rosy hopes of easy money. The one year wait is not so unusual even at micro stock sites with the massive, massive competition and image offerings of all the players now before any decent money (not at SS any more!) start to come in (if ever). Unless a contributor offers some really unique material. But those are rare.
  15. Congrats Steve : )! Nice numbers. My downloads are about at 60% of the last few already slow months and money-wise less than 1/2. Quite discouraging. But even worse at AD and DT. Almost zero there. The only site that has decent action for me us iS. And it is surprisingly strong. go figure! It's like a quiet sleeper agent : ). Just plugging away quietly in the background. Could be one of the gainers from the "upload revolt" at SS?
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