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  1. Yeah. Well. Welcome to Shutterstock. They claim time after time that humans review the photos. They can claim all they want. Ain't believe it for one second. But whoever still uploads for the 10 cents and knowing that it's AI reviewing about 60-70% of the time or at the first round...! I can't express much sympathy for rejections : ). Sorry.
  2. We can wait till the cows come home! It ain't gonna change nothing. SS took 60% more of our already miserable 25 and 33 and 38 cent pays and that's that. We can stay or move elsewhere. That's what it boils down to!
  3. What difference would no reset mean at Jan. 1st anyway? I am level 3 and the last 10 downloads all came in at 10 cents!! Maybe one was 13 cents. Yes, I split it up into 10 cents + 3 cents and only spent the 10, while 3 cents I deposited into a piggy bank for those "lean years"!! I would feel irresponsible spending it all! Hesus C! We are still discussing 10, 13, 15 cents of "income". The 25 before was shameful, and now this...this stomach turning, unspeakable 10 - 12 cents??? And this coming from a company listed at the stock exchange and having posh offices in the ESB?? Makes me sick.
  4. Sorry to see one more to throw in the towel due to this craziness : (. Good luck at.... wherever you will post instead. they are lucky to have you!
  5. Don't expect sympathy re. rejections here. 80% forum members here have 100%+ (!) acceptance rate and to that everything is sub-par. Even if rejected in 5 seconds after upload. In the past two - three months rejections became so ridiculous that I didn't even bother even before the pay cut in June. Let alone now. Why would I spend even 1 minute hoping for a 10 cent pay??!
  6. My port at DT is larger than the one at SS (by about 20%) and has been up longer by about 6 month, yet brought in less than 20% of the SS pay. And just about 1/2 of my iS total, where I have a smaller port (say about half). That tells you something I suppose. Too bad cuz for all other reasons I like DT. Easiest and fast to get reviewed and accepted, though very slow uploading. Conclusion!? If it takes you only an extra minute to drop it in at DT (while uploading to other sites), by all means. but based on what I have seen, the "buying traffic" there is (was!) nowhere near to the SS action. But it may change now. Who knows.
  7. yeah!!! time to celebrate. let's get those shampaign glasses and pop the bubbly : )!
  8. in one word: terrible. 10 downloads, in the total of $1.21. not much better over at AS, and DT is a big minus zero too. iS has some traffic, but impossible to tell in terms of $ figures. but actually I much prefer zero sales than the 10 cent ones. that way ss doesn't make money on me. a little consolation. It just annoys the hell out of me to see the 10 cents coming in. I am more OK with no sales! seriously.
  9. It is the same here. But I have been only uploading for about 1/2 year. Sometimes it takes 3 weeks to get reviewed. And it may very well be a "sudden" reject. Although 3 other sites (even SS) accepted the same. Pretty unpredictable. That's why I tend to "test" the photo at SS first. If it goes thru, there is a 80-90% chance that AS accepts it. Otherwise the 3 weeks wait may just be for nothing.
  10. Welcome to the new reality at SS. I think it's them cutting reviewer jobs and leaving it to AI. I don't upload any more, firstly because of the 10 cent pay, but over and above that I get so "worked up" by these rejections you are mentioning that if I were close to that bot doing the "review", I would surely flip the table from underneath it and let it crash to the floor. And then step on it : ). I don't need those empty, brainless rejections by a machine in the hopes of making 10 cents : ). Let top management dig out their cameras and go out and take their own shots!! For 10 cents! If they run low on new pictures.
  11. yes, the image (I only upload stills) does drop back several pages in search. I believe some said here as many as 2-3 pages (100/page). there are threads discussing this. just can't quote any. Thanks for the reply re. Dolby. I didn't know about the first 30 days "rule". good to know. so in a way if your image doesn't sell in 30 days, one may tweak the words a bit and if still no bite, one might as well delete and re-upload!? provided that one cares deeply about a particular image.
  12. Wow! Then I stand corrected!! They accepted a 1000 photos from you in one shot!! You are brave, I give you that. Congrats. Not sure what sitting mechanism they have if any. I only upload 6-8-10 at a time (not any more cuz my stuff doesn't sell there!) and keyword them one by one. Sorry! What you can do however, if you have say 10 images of the same subject, you can highlight them all and eneter the pertaining info in one shot. If this helps!?
  13. Does somebody know by chance from experience at AS if I edit the keywords of a photo that already sold, does the algorithm also penalize you by dropping it back in the search ranking just like Shutterstock does? some of my photos there could use some TLC (fine tuning of keywords) but I am hesitant to touch them for this very reason. Thanks.
  14. But put it in your will that they make it a not too expensive bouquet : ). Otherwise they will have to supplement the price.
  15. What??? At Alamy to my knowledge if one image fails of any batch, then they decline the whole batch. Unless you worked out some special deal with them!? But they don't reject "just" a 100 and let 6900 pass. Never heard of such thing. And if you upload next times and the batch fails again, they put you in the penalty box for 2 weeks or something (a month? I dunno. Never been there).
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