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  1. yeah. pretty dismal. the only reason I keep going (not deleting my port) is that the work is done. all the time, energy already put in. so what do I gain by deleting? some "retaliation" maybe? yeah. I suppose that would feel good for a few days. but though very, very slowly it still brings in a few bucks. which in a few years adds up to a new lens : ). hopefully! but every time I see the 10 cents and I know that SS pocketed at least 1.5 or more on my 10 cents!! it hurts my pride and self esteem for sure. infuriating indeed.
  2. sorry to hear that. my April average is 40 cents now! time for bragging? : ). I managed to buy the Affinity software. I like it. pretty powerful. but there is a lot to learn. it does a lot.
  3. thanks Awana, this never occured to me, that they only report US buyers. though possible.
  4. hey Wilm, that $1 average sounds great! good for you. I hope it holds for you. mine for March is only 35 cents. not too cool. now! sorry about the off topic question, but do you or others also find that Shutterstock's tax report PFD is totally out to lunch? for me for 2020 (also for earlier years) it shows a signinicantly smaller Gross Income in Box 2 than what I actually made? about just 1/3. how do I interpret this? I think I manually added up my monthly income for my tax return last year and used that, ignoring SS' number. But I am just trying to figure out the "pattern" here. Thanks!
  5. thanks for the response Wilm! yes! you are absolutely correct that the Affinity package (at a fraction of the price of the Adobe products) does an incredible job! I tried it for a month and was very impressed by it! and was willing to buy it too. however, for my specific purpose of creating "smart objects", it can only do it in a rather convoluted way and the result is not the same either. just a rather "poor" substitute. it doesn't do the trick for me. you see, I have many, many of these glass bus shelters, showing the end panel in perspective, which is perfect for advertising purposes.
  6. Level 2, RPD = 0.49. but 95% of downloads are the 10 cent ones. pretty annoying. what can I tell you. but volume started to pick up a bit toward the end of February. another thing, and sorry, "slightly" off topic : ). but am I mistaken, almost as if I had read somewhere in the forum that over at AS if you sell enough there, they give you free use of Lightroom or Photoshop (for some period)? or I was dreaming (again)? wouldn't be the first time : ). thanks for any insight on this one.
  7. thank you Creatus. I kinda' suspected that, but wanted to hear it black and white. my last 30 sales were all 10 cents but one at $1.30 and 3 others at the 40-50 cent range. not pretty for sure. but then again, iS is not any better and at Adove very few sales for me this year. DT doesn't even scratch the level to be mentioned. a handful of 33 and 38 cent sales this year. great! I can wait a year or two to cash out on that one.
  8. not from their perspective. I believe on the photo sale that you get 10 cents, SS pockets $1.40-ish. I could be wrong though. my 10 cent sales went up quite a lot at the end of January, early February. dunno why. unless the algorhitm puts those to the top that make 10 cents!? better business to SS! unfortunately it's more annoying than positive to me. my question is, did any of you notice any increase in your price/photo after you went up to tier 2 (3, 4...etc). I'm 5 downloads short to tier 2. I have not uploaded for the past 5 months or so. just can't bring myself to: a, be rejected by a s
  9. 7 downloads today, 70 cents! wow, wow, wow! I am excited, thrilled, ecstatic.... : ). opening a new bank account in fact! don't want to put all my eggs in one basket : ).
  10. great indeed. for the company. these 10 cents rolling in (knowing that 98% of the price goes to SS) is just killing me. there is a low, but this is the low of the low of the low! disgusting, unspeakable, total slavery. we must be crazy to be still here. O.K. I stop now : ). sorry.
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