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  1. In the end, the important thing is how much goes into your pocket.
  2. I don't see much sense in asking how much others earn, it depends on the number of photos, the quality of your photos, how demanded they are, how good you are at tagging, how long you have been accumulating a portfolio ... If it works for you, my animal collection here, without being an animal specialist, is $ 90 in two years with 800 photos.
  3. Alex , about exclusivity, is it possible to send sister photos, that is, photos similar to others that are already active on micro sites?
  4. As of August 15, better than most of the last few months. Especially quite a few licenses above $ 5 almost daily. Many also for only $ 0.10 and a video for 0.50 Rupan, you have very good photos, but so few ... you need to multiply by 100, at least, to obtain a regular income.
  5. I sold this https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/farm-chickens-ecological-roosters-1636211929 an hour ago, I uploaded it this morning and it has been approved for about 4 hours.
  6. Yes, accept illustrative editorials from a couple of months or so, but you need to have 1000 downloads minimum.
  7. David, in my case since summer AS exceeds 25% - especially since they started accepting editorials - my earnings in SS, mainly because there I have € 1.1 per download and here I barely reach $ 0.7 You have few photos in your portfolio to draw a clear conclusion, but perhaps your style fits better with AS customers. I congratulate you for your portfolio, I think it is well oriented in this business. By the way, your photos are particularly familiar to me, neighbor!
  8. I've been uploading photos here for 18 last months.
  9. The last photos have appeared, approved 8 hours ago, but the batch sent and approved three days ago still does not appear in my portfolio.
  10. Many criticize the bad tone and the gross words of Grossinger, and it is true that his way of expressing himself is impolite, but, in fact, he is right in what he says. Here people with mediocre portfolios and a few hundred uploads give expert lessons, absolutely ridiculous, with more forum post than uploaded photos !! . People with 0 photographic knowledge expect to make money with a couple of photos ... Come on guys, do not expect that what has taken years and years of learning to others will be revealed to you in 1 minute.
  11. IS 0.06 rpi this month... 🤮 stay away...
  12. Shoot RAW, in adobe rgb color space, edit in RAW -pay attention to noise, more sharpening=more noise-, export at 100% quality. Resizing only if you have too much noise. Try shooting with the lowest possible iso combination at the highest speed if you don't use a tripod, to get the best sharpness with the lowest possible noise directly from the shot.
  13. He ask for Simple and easy video editing!! Filmora, Vegas Movie Studio
  14. Geogif, I think there is a misunderstanding, the problem is not to upload the images, is to use the SS platform to assign categories, correct tags or simply select 25 images, wait 1 minute to be able to press the send button because the system, on the side SS, it freezes! If you send 10 photos a week, losing 1 minute doesn't matter, if you send 1,000 photos a week, losing 5 hours is a long time wasted waiting for SS to thaw.
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