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  1. It's legitimate, go ahead. 😉
  2. I just received the deposit in my paypal account a few minutes ago. All in order.
  3. https://submit.shutterstock.com/payments: Something went wrong, but we're working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Error code: 500 Contact us Twitter updates 1-866-663-3954
  4. Just a thought. If you buy a subscription in the USA you pay $ 29, but if you buy it from Europe you pay € 29 -1$ = 0.82€ -. However, our earnings are always in dollars. Is that price difference not reflected in our remuneration in any way?
  5. Tawrat Ferdousi Branding, you cannot draw conclusions with such a low number of downloads. Statistically, your sample is not representative. Don't look at the statistics every day, look at them once a week or every month and spend more time taking better pictures and better tagging.
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