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    Family, Nature, Photography, Sport, Antiques and spending our Kids' inheritance.

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  1. On special occasions such as this, I like to let my hair down.😉
  2. Just had my 200th download.....small beer time … two eco friendly re-usable straws …. I know, I spoil her.😊
  3. Hi Richard, This has happened a couple of days times to me in the short time I’ve been on SS. Both times, I was away from home, using “free” Wi-fi which had limited capabilities. The files all loaded correctly, but had the same rejection as yours. Once I’d returned home, resubmitted, they went through normally. Don’t know if this is any help to you (it may be just a red herring... no fish pun intended). Steve
  4. Looks like a a Diamond backed Moth aka a Cabbage Moth. Steve.
  5. Just realised... I can now celebrate my first year on SS 🎂 Feel free to have some cake. Steve.
  6. Well done... decent percentages. Our ports are about the same size, started around the same time and have similar results. Steve.
  7. Thanks, and I’ll raise my glass to you.🍻 Steve.
  8. Thanks Wilm, although 50 is a dim and distant memory 😆. Steve
  9. Yesterday.... had my 100th download.....Today my Birthday...…..off for a small beer!
  10. Hi Phil, Seldom post on the forums, and haven't been contributing long enough to express any useful advice. Having looked at both the accepted and rejected images... those that were accepted all had other reference points to assist with confirmation of the location. Those that were rejected, whilst very good images... didn't and couldn't be verified. Just a thought... Steve
  11. Milestones mean different things to different people... it's now three lunar months since my heart attack (it's still pumping!)…. Oh... and just reached my 500 approved upload.
  12. Like your style...tried to, but it must have gone to my head.. couldn’t get it in focus! Some would say “Nothing New there then”.😂😂
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