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  1. I got it for this year as well and it was a wonderful bonus.
  2. It is weird hey, Adobe has slowed this month for me and I am edging ever closer to the required 150 mark for my Photoshop and Lightroom package but Depositphotos has taken off nicely this month with constant sales every day.
  3. Still having a crappy month 34 sales for $6.45 August was good despite the 10 cent sales 57 sales for $66.17
  4. August was very good September is terrible so far 23 downloads for a total of 3.15
  5. I submitted 9 images last night all rejected for keywords, same type of keywords I have used for years. They only get one shot at accepting I don't resubmit as they were all accepted at my other 5 stock sites. I now have more photos on depositphotos than I do on shutterstock and more sales there this month and I only joined them when shutterstock dropped our payments. So as far as I am concerned if they don't accept any of my photos with what they are paying it is their loss not mine. The same photo has a very good chance of selling and paying me more at another stocksite or even better from my own website.
  6. How long have they been offering 10 free images for? surely that would impact as well as the stupid 10 cent commissions.
  7. Sept: 10 sales for 1.04 so far this month, but I did have a good August so hoping September pulls in some Enhanced as well. Aug: 57 sales for 66.17 Interestingly I joined Depositphotos when Shutterstock stiffed us and this month I am finally ahead of Shutterstock on there in sales with 11 sales at 30 cents and 1 at 34. Will see who wins at the end of the month. After some serious time spent uploading I now have 6342 images for sale on Depositphotos and 6159 on Shutterstock. Adobe is doing well, iStock is just as lousy as Shutterstock when it comes to how much they pay, Pond I also added in July and have yet to make a sale and Dreamstime is doing well.
  8. Do you have any on Shutterstock/Getty I believe they have some on there.
  9. Thanks Wilm, I also sell from my own website which does ok and Fine Art America. i had a good sale on FAA this month of a panorama Singapore nightscape but they are a bit harder to sell Australian images on. I have been working on covering all bases for a planned retirement in 4 years but that may be coming by the end of the year thanks to the pandemic and the current call out for voluntary redundancies in the university field that I work in. As we all know photography is an expensive hobby just buying the gear and software not to mention computers, internet, backups which is why 10 cent sales is such a kick in the ass and so unfair.
  10. I am actually having my best month ever on Shutterstock which is rather strange. 3 enhanced sales have boosted the 10 cent sales. Currently 45 downloads for $59.01 would have been even better if it was still at the previous prices. I have added Pond but have yet to make a sale, Adobe is good and steady, iStock much slower than SS, Dreamstime slowly getting there and Depositphotos just starting to get a few sales. Shutterstock despite the 10 cent sale nightmare is still topping them but that might also be to do with my location of Australia, I am not sure the designers here use some of those mentioned above.
  11. Read through this Kamira but the answer is Yes they can. https://www.shutterstock.com/support/article/Can-I-sell-products-with-Shutterstock-Images-on-them
  12. August 11: 9 sales with 1 enhanced for 20.89 compared to 9 sales on AS for 7.48 July: 66 sales mostly subscription a couple of On demand 16.40 compared to 20 sales on AS for 16.11 June: 47 sales with 2 enhanced and portfolio closed for a week 38.68 compared to 17 sales on AS for 8.53 I have other microstock sites, FAA and my own website - thankfully I am still employed fulltime, but not sure for how much longer with redundancies coming. Starting to branch out with video and will work in the more traditional stock photos if I do end up with early retirement as well as more event and family photography. Up until now I have been shooting to please myself.
  13. No idea except the 10 cent ones would have been 33 cents.
  14. My sales are all over the place, I disabled for 5 days in protest but have turned it back on for now whilst I build up my portfolio on another site. I did have 4 stock sites with Shutterstock producing the most sales but Adobe Stock paying the best. I now have 6 stock sites with Pond for the videos I have just started creating which won't be submitted here with these rates. I find it hard to believe that what they are doing is even legal.
  15. Stunning Daniel, I actually stopped uploading to FAA but I do have a site there and it has been a lovely source of canvas bags, yoga mats etc as presents lol.
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