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  1. Shutterstock only gets one chance at accepting my photos and the rejection rates are all over the place sometimes a batch gets nearly all accepted and then the next gets most rejected. The same photos get accepted by my other 4 stock sites. Maybe Shutterstock has decided it has too many photos and are trying to slow down their intake - that is the only conclusion I can come to as this has been going on for some time now, when once upon a time they nearly all got accepted. The other thing I have sometimes wondered is whether they are slow to load hence they are not waiting for them to come into
  2. I get the same crap frequently now and 6 to 12 months ago I hardly ever got a rejection, yet every now and then a whole batch goes through with no rejections often from some of the same shoot. My photos are generally all accepted by my other 4 stock sites so I don't bother reuploading here. I shoot low light scenes frequently, I do check my photos for noise at 100 per cent. I have just decided that for most rejections it is the AI's algorithm. Fair enough there may be some that should be rejected but if 4 out of 5 stock sites accept them then the 5th ie Shutterstock just misses out and can s
  3. I only ever upload to Shutterstock once, the same photos are accepted at all my other stock sites. The AI is all over the place with Approved / Not approved. It probably doesn't help that the majority of my photos are shot in low light conditions. Shutterstock doesn't pay enough to worry about resubmitting it. When they changed the payment structure I added 2 more stock sites to my portfolio and both are doing well. I took early retirement last month thanks to covid redundancies at work and will work on branching out my stock sites and perhaps do more events and family shoots in my local
  4. Curious is anyone that successful on here that they can sell over 25,000 images in a year? It has taken me since 2017 to reach 1571 sales in total. I retired last week and will have time to branch out with other photography. Oviously we will need content that goes viral or was that covid lol. Level 6 Over 25,000 40% https://submit.shutterstock.com/payouts
  5. It is so random, it wasn't that long ago I hardly ever got rejections and the same photos are accepted by my other stock sites with very few rejections and then they are usually only because of something they decide needs a model or property release. Here I get one batch accepted, then the next with a lot of Focus messages I refuse to resubmit. Their lousy payments only get one chance at the image it will sell elsewhere. Now instead of having the most photos on Shutterstock I have more photos elsewhere.
  6. I just made level 4 for the next month, not that it will make any difference to all those friggin 10 cent sales. I will review my site come January,
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