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  1. I have been with Alamy for almost two years. Not one sale! Waste of time. 8 out of 10 of my sales on AS go for 0.99$, so I am happy there. Made it level 2 here on SS but still getting the 0.10$ sales, so that is a bunch of bull hockey.
  2. All of my sale in the last month of been 0.10$ This 0.38$ sale is the highest in a month. Yes, it is utterly ridiculous!
  3. So I got this Fortune today with my Chinese meal. Not if you are a ShutterStock Contributor! 🤣😂
  4. I sell more on SS, but I make more on Adobe, now that SS has cut rates by 70%. I used to make 25 cents on average on an SS sale. On Adobe, I make 99 cents per sale on average. So four sales on SS was equal to one sale and AS. Now I have to have to make TEN sales on SS to match one on AS. AS has picked up for me since SS decided to commit suicide by slow poisoning. As people move to AS and the fresh stock dwindles on SS, AS will pick up new long term subscribers. I feel SS will eventually change their mind, but I will not come back. I believe in making money as much as the next guy, but I also believe in dealing with people that have some personal integrity that is a guiding factor. SS has proven they lack all integrity and that they have no problem screwing their contributors royally if it will make them more money. It will take one heck of a bleeding tears on their knees apology to regain my trust in them as humans.
  5. I don't upload videos everyday. It takes up to four days to upload a single 10 minute HD video, during which time I pretty much do not have internet for anything else. YouTube does allow me to stop the upload and resume it at a later time without having to start all over, so if there is a power outage or an internet connection issue, I can resume. I have to take turns on what I am going to upload. Pretty much, I start my uploads and let them run all night, every night. It is an exercise in extreme patience and perseverance. I am just a guy trying to feed his family. I live in a God forsaken desert where the worst environmental conditions exist 365 day a year. I tried raising chickens to make money. The predators ate them all. After years of war with them and losing several thousands of birds lost, I gave up on that and decided to raise organic vegetables. Invested huge amounts in equipment and building greenhouse. But when you get straight-line winds of up 126 mph (hurricane category 3 force), it is hard to keep a greenhouse up. If I plant out doors, the heat wind and insects kill it or eat it to the ground. I have had four foot tall corn eaten to the ground. I have come to the conclusion that anyone that claims they grow vegetable in America without the us pesticides is lying through their teeth. Last year the bugs ate all the leaves off my fruit orchard and killed all the trees. So, I finally gave up on trying to make a living off of my land and decided to try to make a living online. I do a lot of things, not just Stock images, but I was hoping with time, I could build up enough of a portfolio to earn some extra cash. SS was my biggest earner until this change. Now it is not worth my time. I am just getting a little tired of working my butt off trying to make an honest living and having things beyond my control come along and destroy all my work. Most of all, I hate it when it is caused by greedy millionaires that are not satisfied with their millions and want more and get it by abusing their power to take advantage of people that live on almost nothing, just because "They Can". And that is what this whole thing boils down to. SS cut the commission rate by 70% because THEY CAN. It was not because they HAD too. It was not because they NEEDED to. SS did it because the CAN do it because they are greedy. Anyone that defends this decision to me is, in my eyes, less than human.
  6. Actually, I make a lot of money on YouTube. YouTube has never done what you are talking about. There was the Apocalypse of 2017, but that was caused by companies canceling over 2 billion in ad contracts with Google over YouTube allowing their ads to run really bad videos, such as suicide videos. Yes, I lost money and was no happy about it, but it was not caused YouTube deciding to just SCREW all their contributors. They got screwed, so everyone else got screwed. YouTube worked their ever living butts off trying to get things back to normal and figure out a way to keep the ad companies happy too. YouTube started many forums and provided creators many ways to provide input and feedback. Nothing like this happened to SS. SS decided they want to keep more money. They are greedy and they have told their contributors to go take flying leap into a lake if we don't like their new policies. So try again
  7. Wrong! I can't just do that. You see, in your little tiny universe, you may not be aware that not everybody has a FiOS 1 Gig internet connection and can upload a GB of data every second. I live in a remote rural area with a very poor internet connection that on the very best days is .03 Mbs That is Megabits, not Megabytes. It takes me all night to upload a few high quality images to SS. For me to move my database of images would take literally months. Everything I said 100% applies to SS.
  8. And the fact that all the SS fans are not mentioning is that if we leave we lose thousands of hours of hard labor and work. It is no different than a company encouraging people to come and work for them under a contract paying decent wages, and then after those people have moved to that town and did all the hard work to established their life their, the company changes the contract dropping wages by 70% and say, "Your are free to leave if you want to." This is EXACTLY what SS has done. After we have invest immeasurable amounts of work to build our profile and life on SS, they cut commissions by 70% and said, "You are free to leave if you don't like it." Our choice is to stay and be treated like sweat shop employees aor leave and lose EVERYTHING wee have worked so hard to build. There is NO! difference to what SS has done to a real company abusing their employees this way. Not one iota!
  9. It is obvious that you did not read my OP because you would have known that already addressed every argument you posed here. That and the fact that you don't know the difference between a sweatshop employee and a slave.
  10. I could said something way more crude, but I was trying to give him an escape goat for not being able to have a rational conversation. I do do well with people who only know how to rely on quotes form other people's opinions.
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