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  1. They think that they will sell our old images but they dont realize that each month there is a new trands. Nobody will not buy the same picture. For example pictures of the same "Doctor" there must be always fresh content
  2. They will not fix. Dont even hope. Even if they will make it back i dont want 0.25-0.33-0.36-0.38 i want more. 0.30-0.35-0.40-0.45
  3. Almost 140 pages and not normal answer from administrators
  4. They dont even comment on our discontent. Simply they dont give a flying **** about that. The only way is deactivate our portfolios
  5. I will do everything so that they regret their innovation. 1-st i will deaktivate my account. I guarantee they will regret
  6. I dont need to ask them something. They change the rules fine. I am in Fotolia right now. And work for Fotolia where payments are 0.66$ and+
  7. Thank you for your submission, your files will be reviewed by the moderation team within the next few days. Good bye shutterstock now i work with another stock. 1 day work for them and get 1.98$ How do you like this statistic ? ))))
  8. Dont upload no more even 1 pic. I wanna see them crying and begging us come back. I will enjoy when they beg us (contributors) to return.
  9. Shutterstock first you made pics and vectors 4 mega pixel. Now you rob us. We tolerated the first. But we definitely will not tolerate how you rob us!!! you will regret it and raise the payment more than it was !
  10. Shutterstock street beggars get more than 0.10$ 😄😄😄
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