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  1. Did you fill out a tax form? If I remember correctly, if it is missing then there may be discrepancies.
  2. Soft abstract design. Blue waves on white isolated background. Space for the copy.
  3. Only a few wrote here that they were on strike. However, I can see from search that many new vectors have been added in the last 1 week. Many have adapted to the new upload system. The way I see it that, as long as there are buyers and sales, nothing will change with regard to your upload options. 😕
  4. I tried the new system with several vectors. I don't like it, it's not easier. - Twice as much work, that I can upload the vectors to this page. - Many vectors are above 100 Mb, I can't upload. - It is annoying that I can only send them as jpg, because the file size is too large. In many cases I worked in vain. - Since I have to work separately, I can make half as many vector, takes time and energy. - I have two files, 1. which I upload to shutterstock (large file), 2. which has normal size for other microstock pages (small file). - With the old upload method, it was possible to upload more also complex vectors. Now many vectors are not uploadable. The current method is just a problem, not a help. Based on these, please restore the old upload option (eps + jpg).
  5. I do not understand this reason for refusal. But we don't even send jpg ... Sales on other microstock sites are on the rise, reduced here. It's not good this way...
  6. Yesterday I tried again (uploading over 50 megabytes of vector), and accepted. Great chaos ...
  7. Yes. I hope the next one that will be deleted is the 4 MP requirement.
  8. I tried and now again with 50 megabytes of upper limit. It's getting worse and worse.
  9. The customer sees it, that is raster ("Royalty-free stock illustration"). He doesn't believe it is vector. I also create illustrations in Photoshop, . Desso Durst also described the difference.
  10. You can see that it is not a vector file. I make here are just illustrations. I upload vector to other pages.
  11. I don't upload vectors here because of the new system. But I upload as an illustration in jpg format.
  12. I am very disappointed that this new system has been introduced. For me, too, storage and time is a problem. There is no capacity to follow the new requirements. Many of my vectors cannot be uploaded due to the size. I need to upload to other microstock pages.
  13. From May 13th, Adobe Stock and Dreamstime will receive most of my vector.
  14. I agree. The 4MP vector is hard to edit on my computer. Layers can be moved with a delay of several seconds. My computer is strong. What kind of machines can customers work on?
  15. If you don't insist on that without jpg uploading the vectors, you don't need it. What happens to customers who want to buy it as an image in high resolution? So far, I have uploaded in the highest resolution possible.
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