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  1. Just joined the club guys! Just got 4 of 4 videos shot with SONY A7Sii (the best noise performance camera) rejected for noise. And guess what - there is no noise. 😆 It is insane! Definitely some kind of AI/Automated system.
  2. Omg this is terrible! This is another bug, but the biggest problem is the support - when they terminated my port without a reason it was a NIGHTMARE to get touch with them looking at my portfolio melting down image by image. Actually i still think that my colleagues here at the forum are responsible for my issue being resolved! 🙏 Thank god @Alex Shutterstock saw my issue and oiled the rusty gears.. Try to contact him with PM. I think here is your guy! Don't worry everything will go in place! Just send message to Alex, and also try again to get in touch with them from the contact forms. Crossing fingers!
  3. Ok guys - one interesting thing i just noticed. When @Alex Shutterstock wrote me an email, he send me the image which he got from the reviewers team, in which there are my pictures one to another, to see that they are similar. On that image i saw two or three images which were exactly 1:1 and i didn't remember to had uploaded images twice... So today i was looking at my port and found something interesting - on my 1st page and on my 3rd one i see identical image and when i click on it it is the same, with the same ID, but it is visible on two different places 🤔 So maybe that explains why they think i have duplicates ?! It is very strange... What do you think?
  4. At first i also thought it was a mistake of AI, but the scarier thing is that is an ACTUAL HUMAN. Which means that they can lock your upload, or like in my case - to hit the big red button - terminate. (by mistake in my case). Alex said that there is no AI whatsoever.
  5. So in the end, i think someone should explain to us should we delete similar content our self and basically should we even bother with our already accepted content in the portfolio? Because even if you have some similar images/videos, if they are selling quite well i don't see reason to delete. Someone really should explain to us. Cheers
  6. That's interesting, didn't knew that. You're right then - something was different in my case and it is really strange...
  7. They mistaken the "send warning" button with the red one (terminate portfolio). When they made the mistake the process of terminating my port began - it was 12 hour or something process. After that they needed even more time to restore it, but i think it's because the database mapping/propagation.
  8. I am considering the same after all the pain... But i am still on the same opinion that what is accepted is accepted!You shouldn't be charged for that. Just be careful with the new ones, and don't upload too often if you have some rejected images from the previous batch. Cheers guys!
  9. My port was deleted that way /without any warning/ two days ago, by mistake thankfully! I think a lot of ports are being terminated the same way...
  10. Thanks so much guys! I think finally everything is back to normal here! And one more time - careful with the frequent uploads - sometimes it is considered as spam/similar. Cheers !
  11. And the conclusion - don't upload new images right after you have some rejected images (even few), because the reviewers may recognize it as spam, even if it isn't. And in the worst case they can terminate you port by mistake, instead of just warning. Cheers!
  12. Hooray! Almost there - it shows the number but they are not in the portfolio yet - they should be till tomorrow. Thank you so much guys. Thank you for the support you gave me on this one!!! It was a tough one! 🍻
  13. It is accelerating guys! almost 3000 images come back out of nothing. They started the recovery with the videos, that's why i think it was slow. Now it is fine. Hoorayy! Huh... 🙄
  14. Uh... It's just jumped - from 25 to..... 39 😟 Crossing fingers!
  15. Thanks again!! Now the next step is recovering my port - for now it is REALLY REALLY slow.. If it goes with that speed it will took months of recovery. I dont think this is fine. Wrote to Alex to check if he can what's happening there in there backend. I wonder what will be the consequences for that extremely huge mistake. That's a lot of lost money. But don't get me wrong, i am so happy to have my port activated again!
  16. Good morning everyone, after i waked up, clicked to see what's happening in my port and it is like after war battle - still i have 25 restored images... They was able to delete all of it in 1 day, but not able to restore it in one night... That's a lot losses for me/SS... Crossing fingers to restore all of it, i am a bit skeptic for now. If it's that the speed then all of the 12,950 images will be restored in months !
  17. Very nice work from @Alex Shutterstock indeed ! I am very glad he arrived in time. Cheers! Stay Safe
  18. Now the bad news - i still get this in my contributor account page: Images - 0, Footage: 0. Hope this will be fixed, don't know how.
  19. In the contributor panel they are zero for now, but i think they are not in real time sync. Hope everything will go normal, waiting for now. Thank you so much for the support!!! Hope everything goes normal. Stay safe !
  20. Thanks so much to @Alex Shutterstock ! Waiting to see if everything will go normal again in my port, because now it is an empty one. Thanks again to everyone who supported me here and understand my pain!! I Will keep you updated when everything goes normal - for now nothing new, still zero.
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