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  1. Muratart, I appreciate your feedback. And I'm going to vary my pix more. By the way, love your work, and I can see why you're successful!
  2. Thank you for your advice, and I agree with the authenticity of editorials. Your portfolio fascinates me. The variety, color and activity in each.
  3. I love your ideas, Mike. It's n easy way to add interest. Hi Michael, I'm going to use your idea with the sky. I have so many dramatic skies. Time to put them to better use. Rundown buildings attract me, but I have only sold a few downloads. I just try not to get too hung up on this subject. The crane/claw. I have 2--one is a house demolition and the other is a crane that looks like it's picking up a house. Great idea to re-use it.
  4. Thanks for your feedback, Alexander. Maybe my Editorials will end up selling well. None of them have been up very long. Yeah, I was trying to take shots of the construction site from the road, which I thought was public/fair game. I wasn't told to leave, but didn't feel welcome.
  5. I would love to hear from other contributors as to creative ways to find opportunities to get marketable shots. I bring my camera virtually everywhere, seeking out unusual subject matter on the fly, as well as utilizing anything local that would be useful to others around the world. I look for special events in an effort to capture variety. But rarely can I get anyone to sign a property release or model release--especially on the same day. How do other contributors get willing models? Stores, markets, office, hospital, industrial backdrops--how do you get a group of people to agree
  6. Nicely done, Laurin. It's inspiring that your SOD download was not only useful to someone, but it was TRUE ART. Agreed--this photo is all about the light.
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