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  1. Those reviews are reason enough to stop submitting. The vast majority are serious complaints, not just dissatisfaction.
  2. They are all beautiful and flawless. This is particularly soothing.
  3. Interesting question. I am using the same laptop, would be great if you can share your experience.
  4. Thanks all for the feedback, I have successfully re-submitted some of the images with changed keywords (avoiding too many foreign language names). I wonder whether SS is right about this; why would they object to having 5 foreign language keywords among a total of 50 keywords, especially if these are names of places? Yes, Snæfellsnes is a foreign language term, but to my knowledge the only official name for the respective peninsula in Iceland. Well, well ...
  5. Below image was rejected because of "Large Amounts of Non-English Text". All I see is name of a boat in foreign language. I had similar issues on other pictures (both editorial and non-editorial). Any similar experiences, advice?
  6. VERY inviting glass of wine. Great image (as goes for the entire series).
  7. Interesting! It took this image only a couple of hours between approval and first sale. The saturation is somewhat too much for my liking and there is no shortage of similar images, but it worked. Thanks again for the valuable advise, sljones.
  8. Thank you sljones, in comparison my shot looks very dull indeed. I have uploaded a Deadvlei image with higher saturation to test your hypothesis just now ?
  9. Many thanks for the great feedback. This encourages me to continue, but step my game up here and there. I have mixed feelings about editorial images of people. While selling images of people for editorial purposes might be legally allowed, ethically I still hesitate to make money using the image of a person that I have not obtained consent of. Well, it depends on respective image, I am certainly less conflicted about street photography than about portraits. I will try to find my middle ground. Once again, thank you for the constructive feedback. ?
  10. Thank you very much. Finally I have access to all shutterstock images for free for all my PowerPoint and web needs. No more annoying watermarks.
  11. Dear fellow photography enthusiasts, I am new to this and wonder whether I am on the right track: I am building up a travel photography portfolio and wonder if this is relevant for shutterstock (or microstock at large) in terms of content and quality. Opinions, of course not only praise, will be much appreciated. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/sekundemal
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