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  1. Recently I have a great interest in wildlife photography. I am curious to see if any pf you sell well this tipe of image. Thanks
  2. Thanks Steve for the advice! I do not plan to shoot only birds....It just happens to see them and I photograph them. I have a basic photo kit ...a canon 700d with kit lens 18-55 and another 75-300 canon lens. Nothing special. In fact ..I plan to make some money with Shutterstock to upgrade...again if it is possible.:)
  3. I already start to clean my portofolio...but It will take several hours for the changes to be visible. Thank you, this is really helpful for me and I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I will start to improve my descriptions and delete some of the photos. Thanks!
  5. Thank you! I relly appreciate. This was one of the first photos I have ever done with a DSLR.
  6. Hi! Yes, the restoration of the castle is done slow... but it is a start. There are lots of old castles and buildings which are in ruins in Romania. This is very sad because once we lost them we lost them forever. Unfortunately, I have not sold any pictures of the castle yet. I hope after this critique to improve my portfolio to be more appealing.
  7. Thank you for the advices! I did not put too many atention to the description. I did not know that is so important. As for the keywords I use shutterstock keyword tool. You say that this method is not recomandated? Thanks again!
  8. Hi guys, I am relatively new to stock photograohy and I relly be greatfull about a feedbackvor critique to my portofolio. I have 200 + photos and I sell till now 11 images. I relly need some feedback to create a better portofolio and ...more sales! Thank you ! Andrei
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