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  1. Molecular Arts

    "3D Rendering" in Keywords

    Thanks. For the kind of work I do, a long list of keywords doesn't seem necessary. If someone wants a specific molecule, they know how to find it. I will try simplifying. The information about photorealistic images makes sense. For my science work, anyone who would want some of it would also know it was generated with a 3D modeling program, since we really can't take pictures of molecules. Thanks for the expanded perspective.
  2. Molecular Arts

    "3D Rendering" in Keywords

    Still trying to sort this out. I recently had five figures rejected for not including "3d rendering" and "3d illustration" among the keywords. A couple of them did have "3d render" instead of "3d rendering". Fine, my fault, except that some of my earlier submissions were accepted with that substitution. Moreover, in SOME other cases, "3d illustration" and "3d rendering" WERE included in both title and keywords, but the figures were rejected nonetheless. I can only guess that because I had also included "3d render" as a keyword, they bounced the file because of that. The inconsistency in evaluating 3d pieces is very frustrating. Has anyone mastered how to work with this pointless requirement?
  3. Molecular Arts

    Keywords. Disappearance.

    There is a bug of some sort associated with saving keywords. Say in a hypothetical keyword list you have one misspelled word and one that is spelled right, but is unknown to the system. Both of them will be flagged as misspelled. You can override the flags individually or together. (You might want a misspelled version of a keyword, if that misspelling is very common, as happens in science fairly often). When you get everything set up and the OK check appears, you Save your work. As it goes for me right now, that file could be submitted, and it would (probably) be approved. But, and here's the bug, even after doing Save, if you happen to reload the page, the two original and overridden "misspelled" words will again be flagged as misspelled and you'll lose the OK check. The Save doesn't really seem to save your overrides. I don't know how general this is, but it is reproducible on my end. I also haven't checked yet to see if it is browser dependent.
  4. Molecular Arts

    Save/Keyword Bug

    I did finally get a real person to look into to my bug report. (It took a very "aggressive" response to yet another dismissive, seemingly automated reply to my initial report.) She says they are looking into it. I've found that for now the best course is to submit files one at a time immediately after you get that blue check.
  5. Molecular Arts

    Save/Keyword Bug

    That sounds plausible, but it hasn't shown up in any non-Shutterstock environment. I did the reload to test for exactly what happened. I had run out of options to explain why I was being rejected consistently when there was no question at all that I was fixing what had been given as the reason for the rejections. Since I knew I had made those corrections, it occurred to me that the problem was in the Save command. My latest round of illustrations were all accepted, but the bug is real. I just tested it. I uploaded a file, set all the variables, added a few keywords and Saved. I had the "OK" check at that point. I reloaded the file, and the "OK" check was still there. Then, I went back and purposefully misspelled one of my keywords. The software flagged the word in red. I did not have the "OK" check. I overrode the misspelling flag, and the "OK" check came on. I Saved the file and reloaded the page. Sure enough, that keyword had reverted to the misspelled word and was flagged again as misspelled. There is definitely a bug there.
  6. Molecular Arts

    Orange exclamation mark reappearing

    Same issue. Even when I Save, the orange icon reappears if I reload the page. For me this seems to be related to keywords that are flagged as misspelled but are actually just terms the algorithm doesn't know. If I override a "misspelled" keyword and then save, I have, at that point, the green/blue OK check. If I now reload the page, the orange mark reappears, and the flagged keywords are again marked as misspelled. I submitted this as a bug report, but I'm not expecting much.
  7. Molecular Arts

    "3D Rendering" in Title and Keywords

    I think I've tracked the problem down to a bug in Save command. If I override "wrong spelling" notices for keywords that are spelled correctly but not recognized by the system, the override is rejected by the Save command. I submitted a bug report to Support, but I'm not expecting a satisfactory response.
  8. Molecular Arts

    Save/Keyword Bug

    I'm trying to learn why so many of my files are rejected for incorrect reasons. Shutterstock, as many of us have discovered, is of no help at all. Here's what I've figured out. I just resubmitted seven 3d illustrations that had been rejected for title/keyword issues (twice). I did the uploads, made sure the title/keyword problems stated on the rejection had been fixed (again), set the other file variables until I got the blue/white check-mark icon on each one. After each edit I Saved the changes. There I was, with all seven files, blue-checked and ready to submit. I selected all the files and did a batch Save, just to be sure. Then I reloaded the page, and when it came up again half the files had changed from "blue check" status to the orange "not okay" icon. The problem was that the Save command had not saved my edits to the keywords. If the algorithm failed to recognize one of my keywords, I got the usual "wrong spelling" alert. Occasionally I had typos that I fixed, but some of those flagged keywords were just unknown to the system and were not spelled wrong. I would override these "spelling errors". It was the overrides the Save command was not accepting. The batch Save/Reload rejected all the keyword overrides I had submitted and saved. I just re-submitted all the files again, this time after all of them had been Saved individually after achieving a blue check. I selected all seven and submitted without the batch Save and without reloading the page. All seven have now moved to the Pending folder. However, I'm still expecting rejections of the files that have over-ridden keyword flags. We'll see in a day or two.
  9. Molecular Arts

    "3D Rendering" in Title and Keywords

    No, I wasn't asked about the software. And thanks to Algol for the additional information, baffling though it is. I have had pieces accepted with just 3d illustration in the keywords. I guess having millions of submissions means there are no measurable consequences for providing poor service to your providers.
  10. Molecular Arts

    "3D Rendering" in Title and Keywords

    Thanks for responding, but that's not what the rejection notice says. Yes, I have "3D Rendering" in the title of every file and in every set of keywords. The rejection notice says "3D Illustration" OR "3d rendering", not both. I've sent a couple message to Shutterstock Support about this, and they are unwilling help. It looks like they don't even read the messages, much less write a response that is more than a pro forma dismissal of my inquiry. I am so frustrated with the shoddy treatment I am about to Close my account. There aren't 25-cent sales sales in the world to put up with this.
  11. I continue to have illustrations rejected for not having '3D Rendering" in the title and keywords. The trouble is, my keywords include: "3d rendering" "3d render" "3d" and "illustration". As for title, every file in my last two batches of submissions has "3D Rendering" as the last phrase of the title. I have attached a screen shot of submission 1099654241. "3d rendering" can be seen clearly among the keywords. The title is cut-off, but you can clearly see "Aldehyde Dehydrogenase - 3D...". The rest of it doesn't fit the line, but the ending is "3D Rendering". What am I not doing, and how am I supposed to fix the problem with such cryptic and seemingly incorrect rejection notices? Thanks.