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    Nature, macro and still life photography.

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  1. Beautiful background of Marshmallows - Pink, green & white colors - Macro shot Close up
  2. Illuminated cityscape of Muscat, Oman. Long Exposure Photography. Motion trails and traffic of an illuminated Muscat city in the evening.
  3. Rolled Maida Dosa with sweetened grated coconut in a plate alongwith a bowl of coconut beside. Kerala Sweet Dish.
  4. Closeup of a pile of rolled Maida Dosa filled with sweetened grated coconut on a black plate
  5. Ready to eat sweet Pancake garnished with honey and butter in a round plate
  6. Traditional, arabic style handcrafted stonework pattern on the outer wall for decoration. From Muscat, Oman. Narrow archway with old, heavy wooden doors opened to show the famous frankincense monument of Muscat, Oman.
  7. Closeup of Maida Dosa with sweetened grated coconut filling - Kerala Sweet Dish
  8. Closeup of Caramel Bread Pudding with caramalized sugar sauce - Beautiful & Sweet Dessert Dish
  9. Blue, purple & pink colors background - Abstract blurred backdrop of vibrant colors. Delicious Chicken fry with Coconut in a white bowl along with a whole coconut
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