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  1. Check this thread. You can disable video sales if you want.
  2. Hi Doug, You have a very nice professional portfolio, so that might be the reason your videos still average 25$ per download instead of being available for a few cents, I am not exactly sure what the policy here is regarding pricing (?) Here above is the reason for my specific case (and I think more contributors here are experiencing something similar): I have my videos for sale elsewhere (Pond5, Adobe Stock, Getty, Dreamstime, StoryBlocks), they earn me 20-100$ there, so if I kept them here for 0.25$ I would have less sales elsewhere and lower revenues overall. As my videos are now
  3. Hi community, I was wondering whether anybody else deactivated their video sales (Contributor portal > [your name in the top right] > Account Settings > License Options (bottom right panel) > Video sales: NO), like I just did. As I am seeing that most of my videos go monthly for 0.26-0.34$, to the point that people buy five of my videos in a row on the same day for the grand total of 1.70$ in royalties for me, I am concluding that it does no longer make any sense to sell videos on Shutterstock. I will keep my photos for the time being, without uploading the newer ones (I
  4. Here is what SS said: "We suggest that it is best to upload the best scene according to you rather than having different angled shots of the same scene. If you wish you may upload more but with variations in the metadata. Also at the end quality is what matters more." My reply: Thanks for your message. So from your reply I understand uploading multiple angles has a huge effect on the search results. Could you offer some more insight for me to understand what will happen? Also, could you have a look at my video portfolio (http://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/2509459/), esp
  5. @ZGPhotography@Matylda Laurence Hi, I can suggest the following: since for some obscure reason files that get errors are (sometimes? not sure.. but it can happen) ignored on subsequent uploads, try to rename the files before reuploading them. I know it's a bit dull and it disrupts the workflow, but it might help for now, while they work on it... Let me know if that works!
  6. Here something I asked Support. I was wondering what the other SS contributors think of it! I have a question about the SS search engine from the contributor point of view.I'm starting to upload footage of a scene from multiple angles (see for example the sailboats at sunset that were just accepted on my profile, you have to scroll down a bit to see them). While reading forums, I saw that the search algorithms punish multiple shots/photos with very similar keywords from the same contributor, as it's interpreted as the latter trying to spam the search results in order to increase hi
  7. I had the exact same reaction about this other issue, which stayed unsolved for a month and a half and for which nothing ever happened to solve it: Now that I read my final post there once again, it may sound harsh, too. But I hope you understand my disappointment there, @Alex Shutterstock. Nothing personal of course I also have a small footage portfolio with a lot of 4k, but I started out just about in the middle of April with video. So far I have no video sales and no way to compare trends, or understand how this issue (or perhaps just the quality of my footage..?) might be affect
  8. Hi sdecoret, I had also mentioned the issue here: Best regards, Elio
  9. Hi @Alex Shutterstock, My file was already less than 200 rows. After I realized I shouldn't have expected any help from SS (I had gotten none since April), I tried about 40 more times changing everything from double quotes to commas to capitals, to header format, and column order, etc. It eventually worked, after many frustrations (goes without saying): I had to sort out with Notepad++ the line endings, which were encoded as CR+LF. This is absurd though: I heard absolutely nothing constructive for a month and a half from Support. On the backend side, clearly nobody h
  10. @Alex Shutterstock Hi Alex, any help on this one? I've been struggling with this issue for almost a month and a half, but still no help from Support. I don't want to be tagging files manually, it's so frustrating and such a waste of time and energy... hope to hear from you!
  11. I'm still getting nothing in the "To submit" area, after uploading files via FTP... has this issue been solved for everybody?
  12. I'd like to add that I pay for a subscription to StockSubmitter, so if this issue is not solved within a couple of days I will miss my paid monthly submissions to SS and I will have to upload this month's worth of images and footage manually via FTP, and then keyword them with a CSV. HOWEVER, keywording with a CSV doesn't work, either, as I mentioned here (that problem is still unsolved for a month and a half already): So that means manually copy-pasting titles and keywords for hundreds of files in June. This is getting very sad...
  13. +1 Uploaded about 60 video clips, I got none (!) showing up under "To submit", just a message notification with only 4 of them, saying metadata couldn't be read for those four, or file was partially/incorrectly uploaded... no sign of the other ones...
  14. I'm having the same problem. By browsing the forums and right-clicking "my video portfolio", I am in fact able to see some people's video portfolios, but some others' (including Pavel's and mine) not. This only happens with videos, not pictures.
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