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  1. Happens all the time since around the end of June. Clips shot at base ISO on a full frame camera, exported in ProRes 422 HQ. Even get it sometimes with time lapse footage shot at 26 Megapixels at base ISO, then downsampled to the 8 Megapixel resolution of 4K video. I can only assume it is faulty AI.
  2. Are latin names of plants no longer allowed? I always used to do this to aid with search.
  3. That used to be the case five or ten years ago, but modern IBIS and lens OIS means you can go as low as 1/10s handheld and still get sharp photos. You can take handheld shots on modern Olympus cameras with IBIS at 2.5 seconds shutter speed and still get tack sharp images. Fujifilm's X-T4 has great stabilisation too, with up to 6.5 stops.
  4. There is no such thing as positive discrimination. All discrimination based on age, gender, ethnicity or any other factor over which a person has no control is ethically wrong. It is incredible that this even needs to be said. Treat everybody equally, and follow the golden rule - treating others as you would wish to be treated.
  5. "If you are submitting content as a company, your company name must appear next to the photographer or filmmaker’s name." That's from Adobe's guidelines. I can't find any specific directions from Shutterstock regarding this scenario, but since SS also accept Adobe release forms I assume that it is the same.
  6. I have the same issue. Several videos approves 4 days ago, only one appeared in portfolio.
  7. Yes, I suppose that it is now more beneficial to sell 100 clips at 43 cents than to sell 1 clip at $43. Even so, the last two video tiers remain pure unobtainable fantasy.
  8. I was so proud to get that play button, it took me 6 years 😀 Then they changed to the new design about a month after I got it. Looking at your channel, you must be due to receive your Gold button now. It will be a while before I'm eligible for that one, since I only have 199k subs.
  9. As a YouTuber you likely have lots and lots of b-roll video stored on external drives. Choose some of the best ones, chop them up into 10 to 20 second clips, and upload them. Whether it's a closeup of you chopping parsley, or flipping a chicken fillet over in a frying pan, there's always a chance that there's somebody out there looking for a clip just like it. It certainly won't make you as much as YouTube but will likely be enough to pay for a new lens or two during the year at least. Still images simply aren't worth the effort any more.
  10. Only sold one clip so far this month, I received $14.20. The last two purchases of that same clip prior to the change had paid me $76 and $52.
  11. Image levels are irrelevant when it comes to lower prices subs. 3 You weren't on a percentage before, you were on a fixed rate. Now you get a percentage, which is why you have all these 10 cents comissions. The cheapest subscription images are 27 cents per image. You get 30% of that 27 cents, which is 8.1 cents, but they round it up to 10 cents. Image level is irrelevant for subs, since 15% of 27c, 20% of 27c, 25% of 27c and 30% of 27c are all under 10 cents so they all get rounded up and end up the same regardless.
  12. Well, that's it. Not worth uploading any more.
  13. Not even close. I was reading about this on MSG - P5 has an advanced search that lets you narrow search results to show only videos that have sold etc.. From what I understand, BlackBoxGuild, the biggest video contributor, made 11k sales in a year on a portfolio of 1.5 million on P5. Their portfolio here is half the size, so maybe 5.5k sales a year, assuming the same rate of sales. And, remember, BlackBoxGuild is actually thousands of different contributors on the same account.
  14. I had two $0.60 video sales last month
  15. The video level are exactly the same as the image levels? Who on Earth sells 25,000 videos in a year? That's over 2,000 video sales a month. Nobody will ever reach top tier of video earnings. Even to reach Tier 4, to earn the same as the current pay rate, you'd need to be selling 46 videos a month, and even then you'd only hit level 4 in December, only for your level to be reset back to 1 again a month later. Absolute madness.
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