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  1. The video level are exactly the same as the image levels? Who on Earth sells 25,000 videos in a year? That's over 2,000 video sales a month. Nobody will ever reach top tier of video earnings. Even to reach Tier 4, to earn the same as the current pay rate, you'd need to be selling 46 videos a month, and even then you'd only hit level 4 in December, only for your level to be reset back to 1 again a month later. Absolute madness.
  2. Grazie mille. It had never even entered my mind that this effect would be possible to do in post. Very informative video.
  3. I invariably have timelapse videos rejected for "Noise / Grain". These are shot in RAW on a Fuji X-T3 at base ISO, color corrected in Lightroom, checked at 200% for noise or grain, exported full-size as TIFF then imported into FCPX where they're downsampled from the original 26 Megapixel image to fit in an 8 Megapixels 3840x2160 timeline before being exported as ProRes 422. Not a smidgeon of noise, grain, or compression artifacts anywhere, yet they are rejected 80% of the time. I often submit a single still from the timelapse as an image, if I consider it particularly visually appealing, which is always accepted, but not the video.
  4. I think this explains the $0.60 cents video sale I just had this afternoon. I wondered how that was even possible. If this is going to be "the norm" now, it's not worth shooting video any more. The time it takes to plan, light, shoot, edit, upload and keyword video isn't recompensed by 60 cents, especially when you can only upload one or two clips from the same shoot now due to the more rigid "similar content" policy.
  5. Only two subs this whole weekend. At least the weather is nice.
  6. Shutterstock's IRS number (EIN) is 80-0812659 according to their SEC filings (https://sec.report/Ticker/SSTK). That's the number I've been using for reporting Shutterstock earnings here in Portugal.
  7. I'm torn between the GH5 and the Fuji X-T3. I hope to buy one with my earnings from here, and I'm about 80% there. Love the colors and film simulation modes on the Fuji but I'd really miss the Panasonic IBIS. Who knows, maybe video sales will pick up and I'll be able to afford both!
  8. On macOS, in my opinion Final Cut Pro is light years ahead of either Resolve or Premiere Pro in terms of performance and simplicity. Resolve is better for color correction, and I find the stabilisation in Resolve works better as well, but to me, FCPX's interface is much more intuitive and the performance is way better. In my tests, exporting to ProRes 422 is about 5 times faster in FCPX than in Premiere. When you're exporting lots of clips as you do with stock, this can save a lot of time. https://www.macprovideo.com/article/final-cut/final-cut-pro-x-vs-adobe-premiere-pro-performance-test/
  9. Okay I found it from SEC filing. It is 80 -0812659 according to https://sec.report/Ticker/SSTK
  10. Oh my goodness I'm glad you're ok. Antifa can be very violent. I saw that a journalist was quite badly beaten by them today in Portland and had all his camera equipment stolen. Best to invest in a long zoom lens and keep your distance.
  11. Yeah that coal and peanut butter one was fake. It takes 2 billion years of immense pressure at massive temperatures for coal to turn into diamonds. If it was as easy as peanut butter and a freezer, diamonds would be worthless. Some great ideas in that video, anyway. Just a shame that I like to eat my photography subjects afterwards
  12. This month started off well, I was getting 3 or 4 downloads every day. Then around the 16th it just stopped dead. I've only had 2 downloads in the last 8 days.
  13. This is the third day nobody has been able to upload video. Hopefully they will get it fixed this week.
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