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  1. AdobeSt is better. Customer base different. Hooked into CC helps. Not adding to SS now. Saw .10 sale. Better than no cents but... let sit, maybe earns, maybe not. Moving on. Alamy eh, not selling. Closed it. IS/Getty - sold but ranges .07-less than dollar. Closed that too. Shifting gears. AdobeSt, maybe Fine Art America.
  2. Agreed. Was on IS and deactivated. Pricey gear, work to capture and edit. Port can sit. Adobe remains but different audience.
  3. Inconsistent reviews. Photos fine. Is what is... not fine art!
  4. FAA is good option and their marketing is effective. I think best path is to have a "store front" or Fine Art portfolio in order to get traction among millions of images. If a photography-specific option existed, that would be better and I think hugely popular as the talent (work) seen here on SS shows that some would be willing to dabble in fine art. Market for fresh fine art photography is big and new imaging options exist in capture through 4K photo.
  5. Reviews are inconsistent and also faulty when things are in focus but other artistic effect(s) included, such as fog and/or grain. Evaluations seem rather basic (and inconsistently so). This SS is not for money, that's clear, but for a venue to shoot and sell what may be useful for consumption. If some money is made to cover "costs" then that's great. I know some folks here may earn lots but I think quite rare. Best imaging and potential for income is contract work and/or "fine art." It would actually be nice to see a "fine art" sales site but they dont exist.
  6. Reviews are terribly inconsistent and often simply wrong in their assessment. Resubmit, yes, but rework in any profession is unfortunate. Whatever, is what is. Perhaps, some day, there will be a site to sell more fine art or related (curated) images.
  7. Review process is grossly inconsistent, including as though reviewers don't understand artistic effect. Sometimes images include a little graininess for effect while still sharply focused. Like others, just resubmit. But where is the professionalism and evaluation for all photographic technique? I get that this is for pennies on the dollar of effort and investment, but, please... Sorry, I'll stop ranting.
  8. Clarity requested - Street scenes with busy folk requires model release? Editorial use ok, but for commercial is impossible to get 100's of releases. Thanks
  9. Interesting choices when more options exist. If you can, then wait. Canon and Nikon are somewhat newbies to MILC. Sony is nice but as stated, lens options are $$$. DSLRs remain viable choices and in some cases exceed MILC for feature/value calculations. That said, while camera bodies are important the lens options are more important. Best camera, junk lens = junk images. Average to good camera, great lens = good or better images. Sensor resolution is important to some point of need. Higher resolution on a FF or APC device means potentially higher noise (pixel size and density) which requires camera processing or post-processing. Perhaps dont get hung up on old MP race and consider what is better technology. So to me, the advantage goes to a system-level decision for lengthy ROI. I switched to Olympus OM-D series and am considering change, but options for value-proposition seem lacking. Spec sheet for Olympus OM-D show existing capabilities that others are just now offering (as if "new") and at crazy price points. The Olympus E-M1 MII is fantastic but M43 sensors likely wont exceed 20MP. Is that ok? Depends on what you need. Lastly, take a look at resale value - kind of like consumer electronics where value retention is poor. So buying for utility value and what is produced (images) seems to lean toward which system affords longest ROI and strongest utility value. I think that means Nikon and Canon over long-term. Keying in on Nikon, I think the Z6 and Z7 will improve and many parties will offer lens options besides Nikon. Not sure this helps, but I'd consider an exploration of Nikon over Canon and Sony. Cheers
  10. Congratulations. Very nice portfolio. Quick question, however, regarding images. Several are watercolor-photos. After your editing (which program?- very nice), did you submit as images or illustrations? Just curious since the target market for things is different and SS pays differently. Images, even most excellent images, dont produce a return worthy of the skill, equipment, and time necessary to produce them. Hobby money.
  11. SS work is side work. Side income. Lots of images and footage. Be different, submit quality. But side work.
  12. " Shoot what you love and enjoy. That feeling and passion will translate into success as your heart and head are in the images. " Thanks for this, HodagMedia. Appreciate it. All great insight. I've tried variety in subjects but I really like coastal/environmental photography and such makes up most of port. It is also what has sold almost entirely. So, there is such evidence. Shoot what you love (and understand) and that translates into images. The surprises about what sells is wonderfully true. Very happy that an otherwise second-thought image of a distant, threatening storm taken while at sea has sold many times over. The backstory is that I watched another ship move directly into it. From calm tranquility into to that - in minutes. We moved on. Dont know what happened. Whenever I see that image the story comes alive again.
  13. Great feedback, much appreciated. I get the quality over quantity and try for that anyway. Gives me pause on uploading more images (they're good ones) but not necessarily unique enough. Anyway, I really appreciate the insight. Thanks to all.
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