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  1. The rejections are ridiculous lately. I'm just focusing on the other stock sites now. It's too much work uploading, keywording to have some AI reject it in 30 seconds. Usually, if I wait a day and resubmit they go through with no issues, but I'm getting tired of that. I don't have much faith in income increasing here, especially with how difficult they make the acceptance process.
  2. It was horrifyingly bad. Worst month in a long time. Luckily, the other sites I'm on were all good. This month is off to a miserable start, too.
  3. Attempt to submit about 8 hours after you've been submitting and mention the motion blur. Whoever/whatever is reviewing in the morning here in the pacific coast of the US, is incredibly brutal with their rejections. The same submissions about 6-8 hours later have gone through with no problems. You may be hitting the same reviewer who is clearly not happy with most photos.
  4. Slow start... Four sales this year. One for .44 on the 1st, and three for .10 today. I'll definitely be at least in level 2 by the end of the month, but very curious to see how this effects the total income. I just refreshed my memory and: Level 2 is from 101 to 250 downloads. Level 3 is 251 to 500. Level 4 is 501 to 2,500. Level 5 is 2,501 to 25,000. Level 6 is above 25,000.
  5. For a few weeks, about a month or so ago, either I got much better as a photographer/editor, or they hired someone/something that actually wasn't going overboard in the noise/focus rejections. Just yesterday, half of mine were rejected, including a much cleaner version of a photo already accepted here. Very frustrating...
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