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  1. Hi all again, I just feel some ppl / media will appreciate simplicity in my food/drink photos so I'll be able to earn some $$$.
  2. Thanks all for yr comments, now I know where the issues are. Have a great day,bye.
  3. Hi All, May I know why these 3 photos of mine are out of focus, they are clear and not blur to me, I don't understand, pls enlighten me, thanks. Regards, Leo
  4. Hi all, I uploaded more than 80 times and my photos also got rejected so strange especially the cardboard fire engine photo, I feel that it's already very good but why rejected??? Some rejection msgs say out of focus but they are very clear not blur photos, so strange.
  5. Hi All, I suppose if there's no earnings from Shutterstock, u all won't spend the time n yr efforts in uploading images/videos to Shutterstock.
  6. Hi All, Focus issue: It's clear & close-up shot, nothing's wrong. Film Grain issue: It's the icing sugar, natural from the cake. Unacceptable Editorial Caption: 10012015(When) Strawberry Cake (What) Changi Airport T3 Mugiho Bakers(Where), nothing's wrong, how come unacceptable?
  7. Thanks Barlika, I had successfully uploaded my video via FTP, no more issue on this matter.
  8. Thanks so much HodagMedia, I had successfully uploaded my video via FTP, no more issue on this matter.
  9. Hi, Has anyone earned some $$$ before from Shutterstock? Waiting for a reply, thanks.
  10. Hi All, I had successfully connected to ftp.shutterstock.com through FileZilla Client so how do I upload a video to Shutterstock from here? Waiting for a reply asap, thanks so much.
  11. Hi Both, WeatherNews: This Protocol error: Unknown protocol identifier (0x50 0x50 0x48). Most likely connected to the wrong port shows when I put Port as 21. I'm using Filezilla Server not Filezilla Client. Macromakey: I can't find any Quick Connect button.
  12. Hi all Shutterstock Contributors, SOS, I'm unable to connect to ftp.shutterstock.com using FileZilla Server, Shutterstock's upload content via FTP guidelines mention to leave Server Port blank but it requires a server port range. Pls help, thanks.
  13. Hi Shutterstock Contributors, I'm from Singapore and Singapore is not in the tax withholding rates list so by right I must pay 30% tax to Shutterstock but then does this mean when filling Tax Form in Tax Center, special rate and condition column I can put Zero? Becos I was told by Shutterstock Contributor Support Team that if your country is not in the list of countries with treaties, then we AUTOMATICALLY withhold 30% from your US-based downloads. Moderator, pls note: I'm asking tax advice from the Forum people and not from Shutterstock Contributor Support Team so I didn't break yr rules. U can approve this post of mine. Thanks.
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