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  1. Last June I've earned 500$ from Shutterstock, this June - 136$. Hm, wondering why am I not posting new artworks anymore? =DDD
  2. During the last month most of my footages selling for 0.34$. Incomes decreased twice with the new rules. Which put Shutterstock on the third place by incomes. It is no longer the best selling stock at least for videomakers. There is no way to avoid this low prices, only by deleting your work. As for me, I wouldn't delete my old works, but I don't see any point to do anything new for shutterstock. It will take forever to pay off every new video.
  3. Lucky you) And all my new sales during the day are 0.10 - 0.14 after the system updated =] (now I'm on level 4, and I earned $0.36 per subscriptions before)
  4. That's weird. No matter what level are you, looks like prices are the same. I have same earnings as author, but I am level 3. And if it just a luck of different sales, how much are we gonna earn during January-March, if highest level authors now still have incomes for 0.1 per image?
  5. Hi guys. Me and my referral artist suddenly noticed, that number of his sales doesn't match with my reffered downloads statistic. It continues for monthes already. 8\1\18 he sold 14 imgs, I have 11 referrals 8\2\18 8 - 8 8\3\18 9 - 7 8\4\18 1 - 1 8\2\18 4 - 2 And so on. Who has the same problem? And I am just wondering how many benefits loose those, who has a lot of referrals... This statistic is hard to check, but possible. But now I am just wondering what if we loose our sales in the same way, with no chance to find out?..
  6. Hello, contributors! Need your advise. Demands, enhanced and singles fully dissapeard from sales this month. For whole month I have only 3 demands. So horrible statistic I didn't have for more then a year (I started to sale less then two years ago, so last time I had such bad sales for demands and other in a very beggining of my path). That is very unusual statistics for my portfolio. So the questions are: did you ever have big changes in quantity of sales for some month? Is it normal at all?(I don't have any hollidays themes, so the calendar might not work. I had 16 month of stability and this month is very different from all of them). Can it be some changes on Shutterstock and should I write to support with this issue? Thanks!
  7. April wasn't bad. But May shows itself worth. No demands, no enchansed for whole first week. It wasn't so bad since I reached my first hundred on the stock. I am worrying =(
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