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  1. Well done. I also sold a photo to Chandler. Got $0.10 for it. 😂
  2. First four days (1-4 April) were okay. This week has been a bit slow. RPD higher than previous months (so far) but not as good as last year.
  3. Second half of the month has been good for downloads and a bit better for RPD than in the previous months. Revenue is still well down on 2020, however, due to lots of subs and very few ODD's and SOD's. Downloads at AS are 25% of SS but revenue is the same. I need to be doing more commercial photography and less editorial.
  4. Same here. It's all 10 and 11 cent downloads. Just one ODD so far this month.
  5. I have already had both shots of the Moderna vaccine as has my wife. My brother-in-law has received the one shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Arizona - where I live - is now opening up vaccination to all over 16s. Still frustrated at not being able to travel extensively. I feel like I've photographed my town to death now and looking for new subjects.
  6. Lovely shot. I think we are done with snow for the year now. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a shot like yours because the sun hides behind the mountain and is too high when it finally appears. And at sunset, it is behind another mountain.
  7. I also replaced the kit 55-300mm with this lens and I've owned it for a couple of years now, so a few comments. For me, the main difference is that this lens is a lot bigger and a lot heavier than the 55-300mm kit. That takes some getting used to. Obviously, it's a better lens and you can get good shots using it handheld but I find a monopod or a tripod helps a lot. I've had no problems with sharpness provided I don't get any camera shake. Also, it's not the fastest lens and if you are using it full stretch then you will get f/5.6. Additionally, I have used it with a 1.4 extender with no
  8. I'm having a strange month compared to previous ones. Very slow for several days and then suddenly a burst of activity. I wonder if it might be to do with the way SS's servers update. Anyway, the weather is beginning to warm up here in Northern Arizona ... and about time too. The Cardinals are making a ruckus in the mornings (it could be their mating season) and we were woken up by the Coyotes making a lot of noise last night. Maybe they were celebrating a kill. At least having some snow gave me photo opportunities. I feel like I've photoed my town to death although I still carry my
  9. Sales are very slow again this week and continue to be low value subs. Month to date, AS downloads are 25% of SS ones but 200% in dollar terms.
  10. Woke up to snow here in Northern Arizona. As the sun came up I dashed outside and grabbed this photo:
  11. In terms of downloads, I had a very bad start to the month although it recovered somewhat last week. However, almost all subs and my RPD is around 30% of what it was last year. Just not seeing the ODDs and SODs that boost earnings.
  12. I bought it for $25 plus tax. I got it specifically for the focus stacking functionality but I'm gradually discovering that it does a lot of things better than Elements which I have been using for years. The 'denoise' function has already got me a couple of shots accepted where they had previously been rejected for noise.
  13. It's not terse, superficial or a "slap in the face". It's just business reality. Industries come and industries go. The same is true for companies. The digital revolution transformed photography but it killed Kodak and all those smaller companies who developed our films. Nothing stays the same and nothing is guaranteed, so you have to review your options and decide which is best for you. Walking away is one of those options.
  14. Stock photography is an industry where supply outstrips demand and where there are very few barriers to entry (all you need is a digital camera). That drives the competitive dynamic. Let's take your supermarket example for a moment. If I go to 10 supermarkets to buy a packet of breakfast cereal, chances are I will see 10 different prices for the same product. The supplier of that breakfast cereal will negotiate remuneration with each supermarket chain. If they don't like how much the supermarket is paying them, then they will decline to sell them the product. Stock photography is no
  15. We have some squirrels here, the grey ones, but not too many as the coyotes, bobcats and hawks will prey on them.
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