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  1. I'm at $0.15 per sub in September. Worst month for RPsubD ever.
  2. I got an OD overnight for $1.77. A brightish spot to a dismal week for downloads.
  3. Same here. Sales on SS pretty much ground to a halt last Friday. AS has been terrible for me since the end of July. I think it is the Covid induced economic slowdown.
  4. My EL has saved me in terms of dollars but downloads are really down compared to the rest of the year. In fact, they are at the level of last December without the excuse of Christmas. On the plus side, one more download and I have reached my 2019 total. Revenue is already a few dollars ahead of 2019.
  5. Right now I would take an $0.10 download. It's absolutely dead out there. Not just SS either. AS has been awful since the end of July.
  6. In dollar terms, income is generally down due the changed payment system. However, what I'm noticing this month, and not just on SS, is that downloads are down. That could be due to Covid and its impact on the economy rather than anything SS has done.
  7. Thanks to an EL earlier in the month I'm doing well in terms of dollars. But downloads - even for 10 cents - are incredibly slow.
  8. Hindsight is always 20-20. I bought shares in Apple when they were $18 ...... and sold them at $21. Taking into account stock splits, they would be worth over $5,000 each today. Ah well .....
  9. As I say to my children. Grandparents and grandchildren (I have three) have one thing in common ........ A common enemy. 😄 I think that can apply to favourite uncles too.
  10. Congratulations Patrick. Be sure to spoil her. Important to be the favourite uncle.
  11. Downloads continue to be very very slow.
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