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  1. I took this photo of a bee eater in Sri Lanka. I
  2. In terms of downloads, my sales are holding up very well. I'm actually a little surprised as I expected the pandemic induced economic slowdown to have a substantial negative effect and especially as many of my photos are travel related.
  3. Very slow beginning of the month. Has everyone gone on vacation?
  4. How can you know that? Certainly not the case for me.
  5. Only two of my last 15 have been rejected and the reviewer was right for both of them. I corrected - in one case took another shot - resubmitted and both were accepted.
  6. June was down 13.8% compared to where I would have been under the old compensation scheme.
  7. Which was the point I was making. Some posters seem to think that because contributor payments are lower then customer prices are lower.
  8. From a buyer perspective do they see any price differential? The payment system for contributors has changed but not the purchase system for customers. If there is no change for customers then you haven't 'undercut' yourself.
  9. Indeed. But as we don't know the back story we don't know what it speaks about. We can only speculate.
  10. That might be a negotiating tactic to get a bespoke deal from SS or maybe they got an excellent exclusivity deal from one of the other agencies.
  11. I did my own 'number crunching' and my decision is to stay. I also did my own competitive industry analysis and the balance of forces is so heavily skewed in favor of the agencies that going from one to another is akin to stepping from the pot and into the fire. So, for me, the real decision is not whether to abandon SS in favor of AS or another agency but whether to walk away from stock photography agencies altogether. Everyone has a different business circumstance and will take their own decision. At this point in time I cannot see me walking away. What happens in the future remains to be seen.
  12. Why would anyone takes their content off Shutterstock? The work has already been done, it costs you nothing to keep it on SS and you still make some money from it. It's an emotional response and not a business one.
  13. My average earnings per sub are $0.21 and I was on $0.25 before. So it's lower but not horrendously so. My main loss is on ODDs. Overall, I'm down about 25% on what it would have been under the old system. I'm just 15 downloads off moving up to level 3 so I'll be curious to see what difference, if any, that makes to my RPD.
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