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  1. Thanks. Have to say, last December was awful.
  2. I am now ahead, in dollars, of December 2019.
  3. December just started with a $2.99 SOD and a $0.12 sub. Not the fastest start in history but I'll take it.
  4. I had three rejected for noise and focus and one of them for similar as well. Resubmitted two of them and accepted second time around. The third probably was too similar so I didn't bother resubmitting.
  5. November ended up being a good month. Average for downloads but an EL and a couple of decent SODs gave me a very nice dollar result. AS continues to be pretty terrible for me. Even adjusting for a smaller portfolio size, it is a pale shadow of SS.
  6. December is usually my worst month of the year. Six hours in and still no sales 😂
  7. An EL and a couple of decent SODs just transformed my month.
  8. Subs, subs and more subs. Number of downloads is okay but I need ODDs, SODs, or an EL to get the dollars up. Incredibly, I'm actually ahead of where I would have been under the old system but that doesn't compensate for a lack of dollars.
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