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  1. Thanks Theodore Must admit I am getting thoroughly demoralized. I've been experimenting with uploading perfectly good shots from the same events I'd had accepted before. It doesn't matter what camera is used it seems they just seem to find focusing issues that aren't there and noise and grain that simply doesn't exist. I wouldn't mind somebody from SS commenting here about what the hell we are meant to do to get some consistency in acceptance and to explain why the AI reviews are so erratic. Bring back humans for goodness sake !
  2. I think you're right Robin. I'll have another go next week though I still suspect a "bot" is involved in the initial process. Perhaps making judgements solely on histogram data. Whatever it is we are clearly having some very mixed results.
  3. Are "bots" used to decide focus/noise/grain issues? Because if they are they are simply not working. By now I should know what a focused subject looks like and whether noise or blurriness is an issue. These declines (which today have been 100% of submitted shots) have been made within just a couple of minutes of submission and for both commercial and editorial shots. I've submitted with different subjects, different times of day and different cameras used - the result always the same - reject If a human is involved in such a quick timescale then they are clearly declining to order, n
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