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  1. Something strange just happened to me. A moment ago this was sold on SS: and a few moments after that, this sale appeared on AS: Uploaded on SS in May 2018(on AS in August 2019) and has never been sold before(this is the first sale of this shot). What is the chance that the same photo, which has never been sold before, will be sold at almost the same time on two different agencies?
  2. On SS there are literally hundreds of images with car toys, that are commercial. These toys are not some rare or unique collectors' pieces for which would be editorial justified. AS accepted all these photos as well(as commercial) and there is no problem with that. So I will not upload them to SS as editorials(at least not right now) when I have them on AS as a commercial.(The same goes for the vaping mod) Just a few examples(and they are all commercial):
  3. I also have a problem with rejections. Already 3x was everything rejected (it's a total of 8 photos). After upload, they are checked and rejected extremely quickly (literally in a matter of seconds). And these shots were accepted without problems on AS. Scarf with skull and crossbones I have already approved in my portfolio, so I guess that's not the problem. I guess someone doesn't like the vaping mod, but I also have similar ones already approved: There is no brand or logo on the mod(it is simply a generic vaping mod). The same applies to those toy cars. They are approximately 30-40 years old, ordinary generic car toys.(probably made in China sometime between 1980-1990) On the SS are similar photos of car toys commonly found(as commercial). As I said, I have these photos approved on AS, so I won't bother to upload them to SS anymore, but these rejections are incredibly annoying and unnecessary waste of time. Either the AI is broken(probably doing some quick pre-selection and making mistakes) or there are some hypersensitive and poorly trained reviewers.
  4. Without the editorials, I have the same port on AS(photo and video). Last month it happened to me for the first time, that AS massively beat the SS, in terms of both downloads and earnings. And even at the beginning of this month, AS is again three times ahead and so far it doesn't seem that AS wants to slow down. For me personally SS start losing this game.
  5. Hello colleagues, I am preparing to move to a new apartment so I will not upload new photos, because there will be no internet connection for some time. I've noticed that here are a lot of users talking about noticeably reducing the number of sales if they're inactive. Can you share your experience, after what time of inactivity is this drop in sales noticeable?
  6. This is all about personal preferences and individual feelings of this shot, so I have nothing against it. For me it acts as a disturbing element that draws unnecessary attention, which hurts the photo(for me).
  7. In your shot there are clearly recognizable colors and patterns on the jacket, jeans and shoes so the person in the shot can recognize himself. You have to get rid of these things. Play with that a little in the post-process and make it just as an unrecognizable silhouette. Then remove that pole and resubmitt. Somehow like this and it will be ok even for commercial(it's not perfectly done - I just gave it a minute):
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/image-photo/massive-rain-clouds-cumulonimbus-forming-blue-1418243561
  9. Tree, bushes, tourist sign, lookout tower
  10. I need 15 bucks to payroll for this month, c'mon "download fairy" do not be shy and show your magic. Just one little better download and everything will be fine.😆
  11. horse, fence horse, pony, snow, fence, tree, eyes
  12. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! (and do not forget to "feed the beast")
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