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  1. Don't limit yourself to just one agency and especially at this time when the golden times are gone and we usually only get a penny for our work. In the past, it was advantageous because most agencies offered adequate compensation for exclusivity and sales for higher amounts were more frequent. Unfortunately, those days are a thing of the past. Sometimes someone wins the "lottery" and gets bigger sale, but it doesn't really balance exclusivity to one agency.
  2. Well, congratulations, but one big sale means nothing at all, unless it would be a more regular matter. If it is more a matter of chance(at the lottery level), then it has no real meaning overall.
  3. Something is happening on SS, because I have almost the same experience. Since last month, 98% of everything I upload to SS(photo and video) began to be suddenly rejected, while on AS, DT, AL and P5 it is easily accepted. I have never had such a rejection rate since my start on SS. It practically stopped all my effort to upload new stuff on SS, so now I only upload to other agencies. First a storm of $0.10 peanuts and now this. SS is slowly becoming a dead end for me.
  4. Let's kick it! 😆 Will it be a win 🤑 or a doom & gloom 😭?
  5. There are only a few days left until the end of the month(weekends are practically dead) and there are still no SOD, ODD or EL for me. So this month is again one of the weakest for me on SS. The other agencies I contribute to have recovered and caught up with the slow start of the month. Especially AS again showing great results. In addition SS began to reject almost all my new shots(resubmit doesn't help), which all other agencies accepted at first submit. Overall, a sad month.
  6. A really slow month across all the agencies I contribute to. Even AS, who was a TOP earner for me for the last few months, hit the brakes pretty hard. If nothing changes in the second half of the month, then I have an adept for the worst month of this year. P.S.: So far it is the second month in a row when I did not have a single SOD, ODD or EL(on SS).
  7. Well, for me it ended up as one of the worse months. As I wrote in my previous post, the number of downloads were quite fine, but because they are all $0.10(without a single SOD, ODD or EL), so it didn't turn out very well.
  8. For me, it's starting to be a repetitive sad song. I haven't had a single SOD, ODD or EL this month and everything is just $0.10. I have no problem with the number of downloads(these are quite ok), but the "$0.10 storm" is a terribly killing my motivation.
  9. For me is SS hugely behind AS. So far I haven't had a single SOD, ODD or EL this month, it's only in Subs. When I put the two right next to each other, it 's glaring(and I have AS in Euros, so the difference is really huge). Even in the number of downloads, SS is no longer significantly better than AS.(so far it is only 2 downloads ahead)
  10. That darker blue is for videos. I only have a few here, so they hardly sell. I have better results with video on P5 and AS.
  11. Well, for me, it's a very scary roller coaster since May 2020. Almost non-existent SOD, ODD, EL, and if they happen to come, they usually bring only sadness instead of an encouraging reward. Overall, it now resembles a lottery rather than a stable income:
  12. Well, of course, peanuts, everyone loves peanuts and that gives us motivation. Subs for $0,10, SOD for $0,36, ODD for $1,08, 4k videos for $0,30-$2.97 etc... Peanuts here and peanuts there, who doesn't like peanuts! Peanuts can pay bills, models and studios. You can buy and maintain equipment for them and you can even eat them. Everyone is satisfied and loves peanuts! Peanuts are our second holy grail and divine ambrosia!
  13. It may be, but if you zoom in just a little, you will immediately see the really ugly noise from the high ISO, even in the sky and clouds. Well, a lot of people claim that high ISO noise is their artistic feeling and it's there intentionally. Maybe this AI was learned from them. 😄
  14. It's really weird. Some time ago I uploaded a photo: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/massive-clouds-towering-cumulus-forming-blue-1930195238 that is only a test shot as I moved between different locations to shoot a video. I always do these to check the locations, its appearance and find the ideal settings for the final video: When I have the time and the right mood, I sometimes make relaxing videos in these dark times. The photo is really bad from a technical point of view. Shoted at a high ISO of around 800(I had a higher ISO due to the lens for vi
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