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  1. worledit

    Monochromatic or not

    Thanks to all of you btw I'll submit both.
  2. worledit

    Monochromatic or not

    Hello everyone, how are you? It happens to me sometimes that I feel like a photo would be better in black and white than in color. However, as the time past by, my opinion about those pictures changes. I know this is normal. .. But I'd like to know how do u chose whether to make monochromatic pictures or not. Here is an example that I'm not sure is as good as it would be in color.
  3. worledit

    Does anyone have same problem?

    Hi, I'm having problem to submit new content as well. There appear an error when submitting and then new photos disappear =S
  4. I like that red against the blue sky. The road where it stands is what bothers me
  5. worledit

    When did you make your first sale

    Few days after submitting my first images. I was just trying SS. Then I decided to stay
  6. Even translate Google would do it better. So, there is the reason. Any language change on the web (that is not the one you choose for your keywords) is going to bring mistaken keywords and make it harder for buyers to find the images. And the same happen when we search in English language FOR EXAMPLE "pelicans", and there is someone who keyworded his images in "German language", we would get many different things as result of those wrong translations.
  7. I've always wonder if I was the only one having this problem. The same happen to me. Lots of nonsense keywords that I didn't add.
  8. There are other stock agencies that review keywords before submitting. I understand is a lot of work but I agree they should fix this. Maybe allowing contributors to edit others keywords... and paying them 0.00001 cents per 100 fixed images =P I don't know. Anyway, this forum seems to be a good way to get our concerns off our chest but that's all. Nothing is going to change.
  9. How the f... did he get accepted those images? can't believe it.
  10. worledit

    Samsung S7 Edge Photos

    This photo for instance, that in my opinion is the best you have right now. Does it not bother you seeing the cat's ears cut through the middle? besides, it is a little underexposed. Here my creation xD.
  11. worledit

    Samsung S7 Edge Photos

    Hello msdebzie, First of all, welcome!. I use most of the time the phone camera of my honor 8 and these photos can sell. Though you need to take the photos under the right conditions and pretty close to subject as Simone told you. And even doing that you will need to do some retouches to your images since our lenses are not as good as those in pro cameras. Learn how to use photosop, at least basically. And enjoy!
  12. worledit

    For what are being use our images

    Thank you Linda and Tom. I already knew that Linda but thanks anyway, it's rare that buyers give us any credit isn't it? And Tom I've tried to search for some of my bought images, but there are thousands of similar images appearing on the web. Tineye is not working for me. I guess is not that easy to find our images :S