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  1. Yeah, that spot is the reason of many of my sells too.
  2. Oh my..., did you get tired of taking photos of parkour athletes and tried the sport itself? Jokes apart, I wish you a soon recovery!!
  3. Thank you so much! I had not noticed. It is been a while since I took a photo. I am focused on video now and I have not uploaded a single image to Arc, maybe I should give them a chance.
  4. Thank you for sharing such a valuable information. Good job guys!
  5. Don't get me wrong. I don't think that a strict review process is something bad. I just don't want it to be random. Prior to this week, I was getting approved more than 50% of my content, now I am getting 0% approved. Their lost I guess
  6. Something changed in the last week for me. I am getting constant rejections for Missing Artwork Property Release and other stupid reasons that have nothing to do with my videos. Funny enough getting these low prices... and now coping with this nightmare is too much. Am I the only one noticing the change?
  7. Yeah, I uploaded just 40 images. I am looking forward to uploading new images as soon as I can 😒. I did get a promotion for 2 of my pics as they appeared on the front page of their web for a couple of weeks, did not sell though.
  8. Same here, may not reach payout this month. Do you mean Al..y?
  9. So far SS has 5 times the downloads AS. 4 times less income. I quit uploading images months ago. Soon I will stop uploading videos. How are you doing? I see your parkour athlete image ranked up!, is it due to a sale?
  10. Not only do you steal other people's images, but you also post here on the forum being recognizable in your profile pic. You are clever as f* And all that for 10 cents😡
  11. So sad indeed. Turning to a different subjetc. How is your GoPro 8 behaving? I am getting MANY rejections from my GoPro clips. What I have realized is that HD from this camera is useless, I normally shot in 2k at 120fps for slow-mo and export it as HD to get as many clips accepted as possible. Besides, the stabilizer seems to work better in that mode.
  12. And that's good or bad? I am down 100$ from september :S
  13. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA at least the title is his/her.
  14. Thanks. Gaztelugatxe content has not sold that much. It is a wonderful place though, and I am looking forward to going again sooner rather than later. If covid-19 give us a break πŸ˜•
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