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  1. Not. But thanks. Anyway even if I had found it SS would respond they used the proper license, so.🤷
  2. You are the exception that makes the rule. For me 4 video downloads for 3, 2.4, 2 and 2.5.
  3. If you take a look at Alexander post above it states standard licenses don't cover TV commercials. I got that answer after writing to them 4 emails asking much more than that. Seems like they can do whatever want. Anyway I wrote them back asking for more details...
  4. After 10 days they responded back: Dear David,Yes, they used the proper license for your clip.Regards,LynneIP Team, Shutterstock WONDERFUL, JUST WONDERFUL!
  5. I don't know about ODDs but there is no variety in subs. 19 out of 20 pays 10 cents. It's crazy. Levels are useless...
  6. "Your best picture may be 10m away from where you stand right now" something similar used to say Laurin. And he was quite right. Also, It's always about working harder and smarter. But working smart save you time. And your time is what you are paid for after all...
  7. Thanks. I have already tried that. Seems like it is a new ad. I can not find it. I have called Volkswagen client attention and asked about the ad pretending to be interested in the car... Also, I am still waiting for SS to respond.
  8. thx everyone. I already sent an email to SS infringmentclaims department. This was on the whole screen, not sure if a small size can fill that. What do you mean? I have watched it on tv but I can't find a link to that particular ad to send it as a proof
  9. A couple of months ago SS sold a footage of mine for 115$, I got 30% of that). And I just saw the video in an ad of volkswagen. Is that amount normal for such a big use? I was expecting much more for that kind of use.
  10. Yes, I know. I am talking about earnings per subs not taking into consideration ODDs, SODs or ELs.
  11. Is my writing wrong? I am always trying to improve my English, but as I am not a native person errors come along. Do you also have 88 subs? O. o, how weird is that? I am level 4, so I'm losing around 50% of revenue.
  12. There is something that I have not read on the forum and may be interesting to look at. I mean the media of $ per sub. In my case I have 88 subs and got 16,15 USD from those, 0.18 per sub. I definitely can see the greater earning potential they were talking about 😠. Sorry for posting it here, but I thought it was related somehow to the topic.
  13. That's 0,126 per download, could be worst...
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