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  1. Let's hope is Covid-19-related and not another trick pulled by SS.
  2. The 0.77 is a video sale. Not only volume but also $ is lower. Also, before the new earning structure I used to have around 15 On Demand sales every month. The last months I didn't even get to 5. Currently September I have had no ODs. Weird isn't it? Anyone noticed the same?
  3. I assumed wrong then. There has been some contributor talking about how the new earning structure is not that bad, and I thought you meant that. My apologies Milo.
  4. How would you know that? They changed our earnings within the middle of this nightmare. And I'm sure he/she has made his/her maths to know how much he/she would have earned with the previous earning structure. Don't understand people not seeing earning structure as the consecuence of our recent losses. Of course covid has to do also, but from June they are taking a bigger part of our earnings, is simple maths that you get less. And if your graph doesn't show that decrease, that means your month would have been amazingly good with the previous payment, not that the earning structure is working for you.
  5. May not be a standard license. But I still can not believe such a price for a using a video in a TV commercial. It is insane. I just don't get how they are earning money selling at these prices. I am also getting 0.77 $ clips so they are receiving 3 $ for a footage instead of the normal price and they are OK with that.
  6. So finally I found my video on TV. It was not an advert of volkswagen as I thought first. I guess the volkswagen one was the next. Thing is it is a short advert of a3media a TV producer company in my country. It is the first one: Just 5 sec. My footage is full size though. So I guess they bought either HD or 4k. Nevertheless, despite getting in contact with SS several times all they say is that my clip has being used accordingly to the bought license. "" The customer licensed your clip with a Media License, which permits advertising on TV"
  7. Not. But thanks. Anyway even if I had found it SS would respond they used the proper license, so.🤷
  8. You are the exception that makes the rule. For me 4 video downloads for 3, 2.4, 2 and 2.5.
  9. If you take a look at Alexander post above it states standard licenses don't cover TV commercials. I got that answer after writing to them 4 emails asking much more than that. Seems like they can do whatever want. Anyway I wrote them back asking for more details...
  10. After 10 days they responded back: Dear David,Yes, they used the proper license for your clip.Regards,LynneIP Team, Shutterstock WONDERFUL, JUST WONDERFUL!
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