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  1. Shutterstock, having slept on this and being inspired by your comments, in the email ( shown in bold). From the inception of this unfair policy think I will do the following. In order to help to create fair opportunities for all our contributors (me), and reward performance with greater earnings potential. I believe I will start downloading content to another site.
  2. @Kate Shutterstock Can you please post the pricing structure with monetary values in the FAQs so there is an official correct one we can all refer too. Why leave it up to contributors to come up with it. I can't believe you corrected one version that it was not right because of the 10c rule and still did not post the pricing structure. Not having one shows an utter lack of transparency.
  3. I cannot tell you how angry this has made me. And thats without resetting the rate back to the beginning each year. This is really what we need in the middle of a global pandemic. Rethink. Just look at the reaction.
  4. I can only set up one set. I have now lost the ability to add another set. Is this a bug? ••UPDATE •• I lost the + button next to Video Sets heading. I see there is a button on the top right of the screen to add a set although you have to choose video drop down. Interestingly I still have the + button next to the Image Sets heading to add sets.There should be a consistent approach for both sets..
  5. Just got my first $1.50 for footage. Just read this forum to see why this was. Not happy. I too would like the option to opt out. I can't seem to see a response to this from Shutterstock?
  6. 4K footage not showing in search with HD filter choose. I have just become aware of this looking at this thread. Is this still an issue? Alex can you give an update on this.
  7. Totally Agree. This would be really useful. Changes by "popular demand" !!!!!!!!! Really, by who. Adds more to work flow. Now 2 clicks. Any changes should be made to reduce workflow not add to it. This should be the driver for any change.
  8. I don't like the change. Just adds more to the workflow. No benefits. Please change back.
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