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  1. a few days ago, there were sales of videos at 0.25
  2. A week ago, I moved to level 4(video). Calculated the loss with the new level system. The difference is ~565$
  3. Many people on another forum pointed out that the cut is the biggest sales for January. It's as if Shutterstock just picked out the biggest amounts in a month and zeroed them out.
  4. https://submit.shutterstock.com/earnings/adjustments?language=en
  5. For me, this is the largest sale in January. And you?
  6. I found the missing $ 200 in the "Adjustments" tab. Did many people have refunds in January? How can this be the same? Or does Shutter thus take another 10-20% from the authors?
  7. after the correction, I lost sales for January 11 and 12 in the amount of about $ 200
  8. After yesterday's correction of charges, my amount for January decreased by $ 200. Has anyone else noticed? Fortunately, I have a statistics file uploaded on January 28, and the amount there is more than it is now.
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