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  1. Does Shutterstock have an Anti-slavery policy? If they do it is a joke. I suppose they could argue we could all just walk away, but expecting people to produce work for mere cents - pennies - rupees - while they have six figure salaries, is a modern day slavery. Ah well, I expect they'll be joining the unemployment figures soon enough.
  2. April looking slow, but as well as the pandemic, with all the religious festivals, - christian, jewish, now muslim, and people taking time out for them, its not surprising. My last sale was christmas related, so that may be my way forward.
  3. Well done, that's a great achievement!
  4. I'm often confused about which category to choose, with the differences in the common language of english and american english. Being english, for me holidays means seaside, coastal landscapes, river cruises, but the american usage is for celebrations such as christmas, hannukah and thanksgiving. Does anyone have any advice which category my vacation images should be in, especially bearing in mind that travel images buyers are often close to where the image was taken?
  5. It has worked out reasonably after a painfully slow start, even considering the even more painfully slow end, but the middle was OK. I'm trying to think of a movie that was like that (Alien?) or opera (La Traviata - must be longest and most painfully slow ending ever...) 107 downloads so far, but mostly of a christmas potboiler. I had a lot of fun creating silly scenarios for my little Elf on the shelf, but they haven't sold very well. Lets hope 2020 kicks off a fantastic new year and a decade of wonderful SODs and ELs for all of us. Happy new year everyone!
  6. On target for worst month ever at SS 😥 need a few more pot-boilers
  7. December is looking painfully slow, just when I thought I was getting somewhere.
  8. 1) To get to $3000 total and the next earning tier 2) To get into video - may require a gimbal 3) To have a month with a download every day
  9. But the potential for authentic images of homeless people much be wonderful
  10. kind words from very respected people, thank you, its a great feeling when it works, and frustrating when it doesn't. I do love photography, microstock is a strange discipline.
  11. The bonnie banks of Loch Lomond is my 3000th download, extra nice because its also a first time sold, and was only uploaded a few days ago. I've been on SS for 2 years and 6 months to the day, and have just reached 500 images online, so that would work out at 6 downloads per image. As you'd expect, most downloads come from just a few images, and if I can work out what makes a bestseller, I'll write a book!
  12. I went to Egypt in January this year, and went on a Nile Cruise. It is safe, and its about the same cost of a holiday from the UK to the Canary islands, and the egyptians are very welcoming. The worst part was Hurghada airport, and the transfer across the desert. I'd like to go to Iceland, but only if I knew it wasn't going to rain constantly and that I would be sure of seeing the northern lights. It must be awful to go all that way and not see them, but there are some nice geysers and waterfalls to make up for it.
  13. That's Aswan isn't it? Don't change it if its doing so well. Nice shot.
  14. Ayman, we see questions like this almost every day on the forum, and the answers are usually the same. Please could I ask you what your expectations are? Have you read somewhere that all you have to do is upload a few photos of anything and you will instantly start earning? There is a critique section on the forum, if you try asking for critique on individual images you may learn a lot.
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