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  1. don't wait for new releases👻 @Administrator @support @SupportTech @Contributor Stock @Shutterstock Business Dev @Kate Shutterstock
  2. Обычно раствор находится на поверхности. Так что если сайт будет продавать за 0,10 доллара, а художников нет. Вы можете сделать отдельную коллекцию за 0,10 доллара США, в которую по желанию можете добавлять свои собственные изображения. Просто сделайте эту опцию доступной при загрузке контента. Верните старые цены, создайте больше коллекций контента, сделайте больше списков рассылки, это увеличит загрузки и доход, но вместо этого сайт скрывает количество загруженного контента и создает цензуру на страницах пользователей. Служба поддержки просто копирует текст и вот ответ, вроде есть боты. Я предложил им такое решение, но тишина ...
  3. And there are fewer downloads and less revenue. The artists were to blame. The site clearly doesn't want to work. No good ads, but free images by subscription ...
  4. All the same, the admins are silent ... Beautiful design and terrible events.
  5. May 948 430,51$ June 1079 278,18$ 😑 So it goes. There was more. There was an incentive to ship. Now there is no such desire. Increase in SS sales? stay on the market say? Make quality content that gets lost in this madness? Most sales are under $ 0.20. I thought unfair things happen only in my country. Censorship appeared. SS began to jerk. You can see how the articles are trying to motivate the participants. Fortunately, the creativmarket website had sales.
  6. This is all very unpleasant. Shattered Motion Design plans. I am switching to Adobe and CreativMarket, but I need time to get noticed. I worked with only one SS, too much trust was mistaken.🔥
  7. All who say that this led to better results are trolls or forum administrators. In May, I had 948 downloads, and this month 1019 my incomes fell by about 40%, I'm at level 5. The avatar and the inscription boycott from the personal page were removed. I load teper only on adobe. As soon as they start downloading on adobe, I will leave with ss.👁️
  8. The profile icon was removed) it became even funny. Is it really so affected? Maybe buyers asked what it is? the farther into the forest the more wolves.
  9. I wrote such a letter In fact, if someone is to blame, this is the wrong development strategy. For comparison, how the rest of the drains work. They often send letters, they often change collections (this site takes 1-2 months), no progress, and as a result, we are to blame. I really wrote letters asking for author collections to show new images for about 2 years. basically download what they see, many will not even search for 1 minute. It turns out that you reduced the authors' incomes not only because of the level of discharge, but also in general. Why forum administrators do not answer questions? There are already 200 pages from the authors. You could improve the site, you could create more collections of themes, you can destroy images that have dead weight for 2-3 years, which do not load, thereby cleaning servers and saving money. All authors have only one question, why did we become victims of the crisis? why did revenue decline for us? Staying on the market, as you say, is the work of marketers, you would cut salaries for them, or reset them to zero. they do not bring meaningful ideas. I asked for 2 years to make collections for displaying new images and it worked.
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