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  1. See my monthly earnings. They used to be always more than hundred dollars a month. From June they are always under a hundred dollars. And on level 4! In January I will start again from level 1. Shutterstock: give me an honest answer about this. But Shutterstock never replies.... silence. So rude!
  2. Dear Kate Shutterstock, More than 10 years contributor to Shutterstock. The earnings were always on the low side, but what happens now is common in New York City: looting! Why not increasing your sale prices? Let the customers pay something more? Afraid to loose customers? Yes, some will leave. But a lot of quality contributors would come to Shutterstock and your product would enhance in quality. Can you tell us with dry eyes that we get a 'minimum' price of $0.10? Wow, that is even better than the $0,38 I used to get. I am at a level 4 now and in January back to level 1. Thank
  3. We are being robbed, looted and mislead! They are crooks! Richard
  4. Dear Shutterstock, How can you do this to us? The photographers who supply you with photos and videos. Reducing earnings with 75%! Without a clear notice. Yes, you told us that something would change but in a sneaky manner. Tell the truth that you are cutting your providers to the bone. Instead of $0,38 now just to $0,10. On a level 4. I wonder what the earnings will be on January 1st with level 1: $0,02? It's a disgrace! It's looting! It's theft. I always used to promote Shutterstock in all ways. To buy photos from or to contribute. Now I have told already to 3 people that Shutterst
  5. I get so annoyed.The submission is not working or sometimes for a part. 'Currently being processed' , I get all the time. But it won't process. Cost a lot of time. I will remove these files, reload them again, the key-words again and then try to submit. Sometimes it works, but most of the time I will have the same problems.....
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