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  1. I probably spend too much time organizing currently and not enough time uploading. Balance, balance is the key. Hehe!
  2. I love it! And your sets look great Studio 2. I find it interesting just to look at how other folks organize their work. I am a total organization nerd.
  3. I find the sets to be useful in a few ways. I really enjoy organizing things so the sets are very satisfying to me. Once I get some new photos approved I go and put them in their respective sets right away - maybe I am weird but I find that to be very satisfying hehe. The sets also help me to decide what I should work on as far as new photos and new uploads. Also I can see what has sold from different types of photo sets that I have uploaded. Your portfolio looks very nice so far Katherine! Keep uploading.
  4. Thank you for the replies on my question regarding resubmitting photos. I usually haven't resubmitted intentionally (unless it was a mistake on my part). I also have been getting all sorts of weird rejection reasons including "We don't accept content like this any longer" which is very confusing to me when they just accepted content almost exactly like what they just rejected from me a few hours or a few days prior. (I am not talking about taking 15 or 20 shots of exactly the same thing and submitting those - I don't do that kind of uploading!).
  5. How many times do you all submit a photo and get a rejection before you give up? Once? Twice?
  6. There are some gorgeous flower photos posted on this thread. Congrats Paula on selling your flower photo 100 times! And congrats Heide on selling an EL on your flower shot. Lesson learned, it may be tough to sell a flower photo but it does happen. Thank you for the really nice comments on my port Steve and Peter. I appreciate it very much! I have to stop being a lazy bum and upload more.
  7. Well I'll just say that I was shocked. I wasn't planning to upload more flower photos but now I guess I'll maybe add some more. Congrats on the sale Peter! I'd love to see that video clip set to Chariots of Fire.
  8. I have heard over and over on here that flower photos don't sell ... so I about fell over when I saw that I just sold a flower photo! Hehe.
  9. Be careful when using the suggested keywords - I have had photos rejected for keywords and when I looked closely at the suggested keywords some of them were way off - deleted the questionable keywords, resubmitted photos and they were accepted.
  10. I have had photos rejected (for logo, submitted non-editorial) that had antique items in them with company logos on them from companies that no longer exist.
  11. Congrats to everyone on the milestones! I have been slacking on uploading but I uploaded a batch of autumn images yesterday and I made it to 300+ uploads as of this morning. Making progress slowly.
  12. Thank you Michelle! I checked out your portfolio and it looks really nice too. Keep on uploading!
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