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  1. I need advice from everyone, thank you very much.

    I said it before there's no chance for the new ones. Your pictures are really nice, but according to my theory, if they were uploaded before 2012-2013 now they would sell much more. Тhe market is limited to new photos now.
  2. no chance for new ones

    Laurin Rinder Тhanks for the advice. I think I got the idea. I do not like to give a bend what to shoot, but that's where the difference from photography and stock photography.
  3. Show your newly approved images sold within 24 hours after approved
  4. no chance for new ones

    Sohn Gottes thank you for the advice !
  5. no chance for new ones

    oleschwander Thank you I hope you are right because I really love to shoot but I feel like uploading my pictures to the Sahara Desert :]
  6. no chance for new ones

    Hello colleagues. Not to mention that, things are clear. People uploaded photos before years 2010 2012 have made many sales and photos and continue to sell a lot to today, and new ones have just begun to upload photos can not make any sales. The search engine obviously only displays many times downloaded photos from a time ago ....
  7. Pick your favorite image from the person above you
  8. Pick your favorite image from the person above you
  9. Is it possible to earn only $ 5 per month?

  10. Is it possible to earn only $ 5 per month?

    Thank you very much for your advice. I'm a little bad with the English, but I'll do more with the description of the pictures. Just ask how do I edit the description of already uploaded photos?
  11. Hello colleagues. Is it possible to spend only about $ 5 a month with the pictures I uploaded ? Link to my pictures petkov?language=en