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  1. Actually, for me, it has this particular month, though I know it's a small sample point of long term. I really could care less about the price of a single download, as the only thing that matters to me is how much my portfolio generates at the end of the month. February has been the only month this year that has been better. I had my share of $0.10 sales, but I averaged $0.46 for the month. So I know there's a major uproar about the new structure, but I like data before judgement, and I've not experienced a reason YET to jump on the protest train. I'm still skeptical, but hopeful...
  2. I was ~$40 from reaching the old $500 milestone. Not a big deal for some heavy hitters here, but it was to me. So, now I'm sitting at level II and experiencing the same as everyone else here. Now, if my number of downloads suddenly increase by at least 250% due to a new subscription infrastructure, then OK, but I highly doubt that's the case. But I'll give it until the end of June. If no sudden major spike in sales, then it simply ain't worth it and will disable my port until I see positive change that shows support for the suppliers of the goods here...
  3. Same here. Since mid-Dec, sales are much lower than 18 months ago, and I started two years ago. I hope its a technical issue and not a sudden loss of interest in what I have to offer. Or an effect from a changed search algorithm could be a possibility too. But still plugg'n away, hoping it will suddenly right itself:).
  4. Love the pop of the lady in front of the subdued powdery background. A fine frame:)
  5. Beautiful sunset, but it's slightly crooked. Also, I see a black dot in the water just to the right of the sun. I'm not sure if that's an object, but I think if would be better if removed.
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