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  1. dcurzon

    The generic milestone thread...

    Sold a tourist photo, to the country it was taken in, on a Sunday
  2. dcurzon

    The generic milestone thread...

    Excellent, well done
  3. dcurzon

    potentially objectionable... ???

    I was sitting on the floor outside in London, during my lunch break. I was on the phone. And someone tried to give me money. ?
  4. dcurzon

    The generic milestone thread...

    50th sale (6th of that image, 50th overall)
  5. dcurzon

    How would you fix this?

    or one of YOUR stock images in the frame
  6. dcurzon

    SODs of november 2018

    Hold down on the image, open image in new tab. Go to that tab, share, copy link. Come back to the post, hold down in the post box and paste the link.
  7. But completely relevent when the OP said he didn't know much about ducks, so gave a little insight. You're welcome