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  1. and because we all need a duck And xmas is coming
  2. dcurzon

    The generic milestone thread...

    Lovely clip whilst away on vacation, my "pending" photos went through and took me over 300 approved. And a game of thrones pic sold (6th sale of that photo on ss). Ironically, I was at another GoT location in Croatia for my vacation, taking photos, when I got the notification
  3. dcurzon

    Why are getty images so much more the SS?

    I'm not with GI, but am with IS. Have found one of my images on a website with credit bring given as Getty Images/dcurzon. So presumably been sold via GI, hopefully with GI commissions
  4. Hi, is this the rocket science thread?
  5. something calming and deadly about this
  6. It's made from girders...
  7. dcurzon

    last ten sales according to my map

    Pakistan UK x 4 Netherlands USA Phillipines Italy Canada
  8. dcurzon

    Sold for the 1st time today

    The first time a photo has been sold, you get a "sold for the first time today" notification. On the 5th time that a photo sells, you get a "sold for the 5th time today" notification - doesnt mean its sold 5 times that day, but that its sold 5 times. I've no idea what comes after that.
  9. dcurzon

    The generic milestone thread...

    Thankyou! I cant recall whether it was a cell phone or a gopro i shot that with
  10. dcurzon

    The generic milestone thread...

    Sold for the 5th time notification
  11. dcurzon

    Property release required?

    Yup, that's what I was trying to say, but maybe I didn't put it across very well
  12. dcurzon

    Property release required?

    Ah, could well be. Reviewer doesn't know that although ringed, it's not captive. Cheers