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  1. Its clearly a Morris Minor. Doesn't need a logo.
  2. They were actually in today for a special job, and I have my bag
  3. Recent university project of mine was to set up a server for file share, email and web server. So I should really just host my own.
  4. Nope... I realised at 5:40, they closed at 5:30... tried calling anyway, then drove to them on the off chance someone might be locking up. Theyre closed until Monday 😕 On the plus side, my wallet and passport werent in the bag as they usually are
  5. Accidentally left my bag (with camera) at the car MOT test centre today, didn't realise until after they'd closed. they don't open again until Monday, so I won't find out if its truly lost or not until then 😕
  6. To be honest, this isn't really condusive to restoring some peace around here. The occassional relevant meme is good, and amusing, and all contributors to this (and the previous) thread have been fun. But bombarding in this manner? Im not sure what it is supposed to achieve, but sadly its gone beyond "a little bit of light hearted fun" and does feel like a 1 man tirade 😕 #devilsadvocate
  7. Dont do flowers or ducks, they said... So I did flowers WITH a duck.
  8. I move them from camera to desktop, then when iCloud starts moaning about cloud storage space, I upload via stocksubmitter, then shove them into either "editorial" or "stock" folder somewhere else on my machine. All pics from camera go up to Google Photos as well. And desktop/documents folders get backed up by Time Machine onto an external of some description. So basically totally disorganised.
  9. Thats awesome Chuffed for you
  10. Oh christ no we haven't... it should be simple. We leave. preferably with a deal, but happy to take no deal. But greedy politicians have screwed the hell out of the PM to the point she's resigned. Absolute farce
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