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  1. Sold my first 2 videos, both shot handheld 1st in April 15$ commission 2nd in May (yesterday) 21$ commission Looks like I was lucky to get those in before the new structure!
  2. It's editorial as it's a building without a property release. The horse drawn canal boats, yes, they were used before the roads to transport goods, there is quite a large canal network in England, but its sole use now is leisure rather than transport.
  3. Took my largest sale today. First time seller (uploaded a few months ago), and an editorial at that, and my first "enhanced" $19.80 I nearly fell off my chair! (Since taking the photo, the building has been partially knocked down and rebuilt, so thought it might make a 0.25 sale or 2 with local media, was not expecting nearly $20. Ironically, it sold on the other side of the world rather than local) Goes to show you never know what the customer might want. This is about 3 minutes stroll from my house, so shoot local, you might be the only person shooting it.
  4. white red shallots spring pickled ready diced soup and, is a leek a form of onion?
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    the other in this pair is left>right and less bum, however, it should be noted that it was breeding season and shows the colouring of the bum region is MUCH stronger than normal. thanks
  6. dcurzon


    Thankyou. I did very little editing to bring out the colours. Camera is only 12mp so I couldn't do as much cropping as I'd like , I agree about the foreground twig😕 The dark line in his beak is actually the upper beak and lower beak separation line, not sure I can/should do anything about that
  7. 5 dl's from the pirates series of editorials at once so 6 in one day, best ever! (I usually average 1 per 3 days) all sub's unfortunately
  8. Its clearly a Morris Minor. Doesn't need a logo.
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