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  1. Propably they got fired to save some money. And new ones can't write in English yet.
  2. Not if big studios will keep pushing quality photos on SS. Buyers simply pick the cheaper option. For adobe there will be to do the same and cut commisions or quit buissnes that dosnt pay out. Its up to biggest contributors now, if they wont act now they will have huge pay cuts in every agency that exists they will cut the branch that they sit on. Its actualy up to buyers but dont think they care about this situation, most of them are big companys that care about saving spendings every way they can. I Hope you are right and Im very wrong...
  3. Well brace your self... Bigstock 10 images per day €0,26 / image Looks like its run by the same idiots. How braininess you have to be to offer that kind of subscription is beyond me. It will change soon for sure
  4. There is no better than that in my experience. But pretty sure that after SS dropping quality thers gonna be lots of buyers shifting to adobe in coming years after ending subscription plans with SS. We wait we see there is nothing we can say for sure especially with Microstock businesses and SS change is a good example of that. Just to highlight the Adobe feeling towards contributors - I have second year now for free Photoshop and Lightroom just because I contribute to their database, now what SS did give me? Right... nothing I did give them photos and i did give them most of my sales m
  5. I think the plan was to deal with big studios as a priority. I saw a guy owning studio on Twitter complaining he can't upload more than 500 photos (I was uploading 400-500 per month) a week because SS restricting it. He didn't care about earnings in tweet but was asking to extend that limit to support his buisnes. Those photos you see are guys that won't get much for theirs mobile snapshots and will quit sooner or later.
  6. Ha... "Congrats" In your case it isnt just a slap in the face but additional kick in groin. I feel your pain.
  7. He knows and nothing will change, now if you want to get to the point where you were month ago you need to upload for at last next 2 years with the same pace or multiply your speed to get there faster just to get slapped every January in the face. I got with my earnings on SS to the point where i were 1.5 year ago 50% drop. I wont downgrade myself to the level SS got. Lets remember SS isnt the only one on the market and contributors make the agency exist.
  8. To be honest his reply didn't surprise me and even make me smile. It's just a confirmation of what we alrady know due to lack any dialogue from SS side.. They just don't care, they alrady did calculations that even if we leave they still will get more money than before. And as a SS is basicly only agency now where you can't grow your earnings anymore i don't care either. I alrady moved on.
  9. Agree but with Shutterstock sun just set month ago. With those terms you wont see any increase of earnings. Before, SS and Adobe was for me same earners ( Adobe min 36c and SS min 36c). Adobe keeps growing SS went back 2 years and im on SS 3 years uploading HA!... For me its already new morning and im waking up to enjoy sunrise with small hangover after getting drunk with SS earnings fast growth 🤣.
  10. They dont care, at this point its your decision what you gonna do about it. Me myself i shifted main focus on Adobe and deactivated portfolio here as that would crippled my earnings elsewhere. Its not something i gonna benefit straight away but after just 2 days after deactivating port my adobe downloads doubled and 50% of that was 99c subs .(Euro cent not $). At this point its too early to confirm its not just coincidence but im sure it will pick up in time even more... but example with just subscription: 7 x Adobe sales 99c each and 7x 36c so here i would have to sell 100 photos to get that
  11. Haha I want to see those contributors to become successful with this new plan. If they got there in 15 years now they would need to do it for around 30 to 50 years and SS dosnt even exists ´20 years. Fine by me if successful contributors like to be robbed... I have magic word for him... ADOBE
  12. It depends what subscription plan buyer is using, you always get percent (different on different contributor levels) of that sale.
  13. Same story here, i was planing to wait few more months without uploading before decide to deactivate. But honestly seeing my hard work go in series of 10c to 15c... I deactivated yesterday. After looking in some statistics of my sales i notice this small fact, to get back to the point of earnings that i had last months i would have to keep uploading for at last next 2 years to get there. That just logically for me have no sense and im pretty sure SS is a agency i will never visit again to upload new stuff. Sad to be honest.
  14. Thank you, I'm sure its the best decision. No conversation from SS side 5 days notice of our terms and condition radical changes and reset of our commissions every year. Thats not the conditions we sigh for at the firs place. If any new agency would come on the market with those rules no one would even look at it. They think they big so they can do whatever they wont, Ok but not with me.
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