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  1. I am already sure that this is not a bug, but an undeclared process of changing filters in the content search system. If the Vector category becomes a sub-filter for the combined Illustrations category, that's also a good option. But there is still a complaint about how this transition process was organized. Not just quietly, but in such a way that the bosses forced the support service to lie. My imagination is already painting this picture: CEO: - How much will it cost us to change the structure of the filters? Coder: - In general, inexpensive, ... x tens of thousands of dol
  2. @Kate ShutterstockThe problem is getting worse every day. Almost 40% of my vector files are hidden under the (raster) Illustration filter. Let me remind you that Shutterstock makes money mainly from selling subscription plans. And if our top files disappear from the search results in 'Vector' category, then our earnings also decrease. This means that at the same time the profit of company are increasing . What an interesting bug! The previous bug appeared at the end of September, right? A new bug was revealed at the end of March. Listen, in both cases, this is the end of the fiscal q
  3. The problem is getting worse every day. Almost 85% of my vector files are hidden under the (raster) Illustration filter. Stop it! Fix the bug!
  4. It is important to notify all forum members of this issue so that other vector artists can check their files through the content manager.
  5. @Kate Shutterstock Hello. I found that 130+ of my files (including the 'top' ones) cannot be recognize with the 'vector' filter active. My colleagues report that they also have vector files 'hidden in the shadows'. Now I understand why the sales of these files suddenly dropped, and that the main reason here is not fair competition. Last year, a same topic appeared on official SS forum (our colleague reported a strange transition of her files from the vector category to the raster). It turns out that this problem has affected a lot of vector artists, and it still hasn't been resolved
  6. I received a letter from the mailing list with recommendations. Does Shutterstock advise you to upload content about Christmas, Hanukkah or winter fun? Nah. You shouldn't have thought so. According to Shutterstock, the most demanded topic in our world, even on the eve of x-mas is THAT:
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