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  1. sebaska75

    The generic milestone thread...

    Sold my first video!!! $12
  2. sebaska75

    Nikon D3400 or Sony A6000?

    Would you recommend the yongnuo 50mm 1.8? I want a cheap prime lens instead of the sony, almost doublé the Price.
  3. sebaska75

    Nikon D3400 or Sony A6000?

    The sony a6000 is perfect for travel! Light weight, a good sensor, a really good focus with the propper lens and more than doublé fps. I would go for the sony.
  4. I have some actions in Photoshop so i always post process editorial pics in a minute. I preffer to delay the submiting 2-3 minutes so the pic looks better and the buyers won´t doubt in buying it
  5. sebaska75

    Strange and slightly alarming spike in sales

    i can answer that from the client side. When the last day of monthly downloads comes we usually download a lot of pictures that we think we will use in the future, so if we see a portfolio with good vectors we just download them and save them. The last day we download 200+ pictures so its now weird that you had 85.
  6. sebaska75

    No more sales

    Offer and demand my friends, nothing more than that.
  7. sebaska75

    Amateur Photographer

    A Nikon D3400 or a Sony A5100. They are cheap and have all the tecnical requirements you want/need to learn about photography
  8. sebaska75

    Please comment,

    The date of download doesn´t have to be the same as the date of use of the image. A client can buy a picture from 2017 and use it now.
  9. sebaska75

    The generic milestone thread...

  10. Your welcome. As long as you keep your Word. Be sure to create a departure topic.
  11. You can´t. I just have another account for the fórum.
  12. Oh you can´t see my portfolio because i don´t want to, thats call privacy. But if you are so interested i´m a 3d and vector artist. But i know you don´t know anything about it. and i work in a different subject, this is a hobby that gets me a new camera and lens so i can speak more and more. and with age comes wisdom? jmmm kind of skip it with you ?
  13. Maybe if i keep Reading the forum the stress Will do the job. Sooner or later
  14. I´m sorry, but i´m not bald and don´t have a coinstack photo yet. when i do i´ll be there. But i keep track of the best club