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  1. sebaska75

    First Sale!!!

    Congrats Liam! That´s a nice feeling. You do have to upload more, maybe around 1000 to see daily downloads. Try to saturate a little your pics so they look more interesnting, and some of your pics look underexposed.
  2. sebaska75

    Hooray! Celebration thread☺

    June is not the best month in earnings but the best at downloads with 8 more than march so, good news for me aswell.
  3. sebaska75

    How long does stock take you?

    I have actions in photoshop for levels, saturation, etc. So just one click and i have a better pic. 1 minute if the pic needs crop or adjust a crocked horizon
  4. sebaska75

    How many photos upload per week?

    1. 30-50 2. Landscape, travel photos and streets
  5. sebaska75

    Newest Downloads / Worldmap

    If you refresh the page it shows the last 10 downloads from oldest to newest. So press F5 and see the map, it will show you what you want. If it doesn´t show the city or country is because the contributor didn´t fill that part in the registration and it will only show you a spot in the map.
  6. sebaska75

    my first 100 downloads

    When you get $500 in total earnings your minimum income increase from $0.25 to $0.33 per download. https://submit.shutterstock.com/payouts?language=en
  7. sebaska75

    I'm not going anywhere thread!!

    jajajajajajajaja +1.............Almost a year here and earning more and more every month so, i´m staying here for a long time
  8. 1342 images. Average between 65-90 downloads per month
  9. sebaska75

    Problem with the video search engine

    Fishing boat video clips 56,639 stock videos and footage clips Maybe is your browser
  10. sebaska75

    my first 100 downloads

    Congrats! You will get the $500 milestone really fast!
  11. sebaska75

    The generic milestone thread...

    Thank you Joseph, the first one made me really happy, keep uploading and you will see 3-4 downloads every day soon!
  12. sebaska75

    The generic milestone thread...

    2 weeks ago i had 3 milestones! 500 downloads here, first payment in another site and first 100 downloads in that site too! Half way for the $500 milestone, maybe in 6 months XD
  13. sebaska75

    Amateur/Hobbyist or Professional

    +1 They blame about low sales and don´t get how the market works. They blame similars but don´t understand that thoose ports won´t sell all the pics so it doesn´t matter if they have 1000 pics of the same flower, they will sell only one. They don´t know the taste of people and think only their pics will sell and others should never sell. Soon i´ll be able to buy a new camera just with 1000+ pics, is a hobby for me and i earn enough for that so i can´t complain.
  14. sebaska75

    3 sales for 15 days for 25 cents

    I saw your port and you should have like 10 sales per day. But I don´t think is SS, someone had 14 sales in a day last week with 200 pics.
  15. sebaska75

    3 sales for 15 days for 25 cents

    3 sales in 15 days or per day?