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  1. sebaska75


    No Juan, no debe poner dinero antes, todo lo que vaya vendiendo será dinero extra, pero debe subir muchas más fotos para tener ventas, por ahí unas 500 o más.
  2. sebaska75

    Lighting Tutorial Remastered

    So classy, who are the idiots btw?....their*
  3. sebaska75

    Biggest personal download

  4. sebaska75

    Is sony a6000 enough for footage?

    Yes! Full hd is enought quality in footage.
  5. sebaska75

    Average income per download

    0.48! ………..Why some people don´t answer the question and just tell about their "good old days"? ¬¬
  6. sebaska75

    Got My first Sale ....!!!!

    Congrats!!!! I hope many more will come for you!!!
  7. sebaska75

    Shutterstock 2018 stats published today

    Awesome stats, this shows that the business is great and the only problem is more contributors, so less piece of the cake. I´m happy being above the average of port size, monthly downloads and yearly revenue
  8. Maybe he don´t want help from anglophones like you, and want help from people of his own country. Have you think that?
  9. That is the default language, not the only one to use. Don´t make that mistake
  10. Not here: Neither here: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000008826 says anything about the language of the forum. So please stop saying that people should write in english. They are free of write in any language!
  11. sebaska75

    Objectionable Content

    Some people are lucky:
  12. Yes, it makes you a better photographer, if not then everyone would use P&S cameras. You can be very good at something, but you can improve if you have better tools to work with, and that applies for every job
  13. sebaska75

    Doom & Gloom 2

    There you go, maybe you should change your browser before being so rude with Simone
  14. sebaska75

    Summing up my 2018

    Started in july 2017. Till October 2017 with only 35 pics and 20 downloads. From october to December 2017my port grew to 700 images and first payment in november 2017. 2018: Images: 2000+ Videos: 70 Downloads: 1444 Best image: 60 downloads Best SOD: $52