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  1. If you can take photos in your hospital, that pics sell a lot! Photos of labs or smiling doctors are always needed, even doctors with microscopes. And you are doing it right, just that the people with 20 downloads per day have thousands of great pics, keep submiting and with 1000 images you will be able to have almost 100 downloads per month.
  2. no chance for new ones

    Pavlin i´m new with less than a year but have some pics in the most popular, i focus on search pics of famous locations near me in shutterstock and see which are not well covered or don´t even exist, take great pics of them and submit them.
  3. Tips and suggestions for beginners contributors.

  4. Question / fun game

    I guess he did: And about the game. You change the woods and maybe you want to fix her hair flying?
  5. Question / fun game

    Cut an elbow for composition reasons? Then you don´t know how an advertising agency works, ergo, don´t know how stock works. And i have a very large port, don´t worry about it
  6. Question / fun game

    But if you cut head and elbow is ok XD
  7. Reasonable Camera For Stock Photography...?

    Here´s another one....don´t speak for everyone in every country!!!
  8. how many best months in your year?

    i´m new with 7 months, but so far i have a best month of the year the past february with a 300% more than the others months.
  9. Unreported SODs?

    She has 12200+ images on her portfolio so it´s not so weird that she has so many SODs
  10. Who knew!!??

    Congrats!!! I´m still new but i have 1 or 2 downloads everyday and still feel like a millionaire. Wait for a high SOD or ODD and you won´t believe it!!!!
  11. Is it possible to earn only $ 5 per month?

    You should be earning like $20 each month, even more
  12. Then don´t play but dont critique the game, save your comments. And i say number 4 australia
  13. Copyright infringement

    what about Juan Carlos Hdez? He have almost all of his photos cropped from another contributor
  14. Pick the ODD game :)

    Number 1
  15. Happy e-mail

    Congrats!!! im 1/3 of that goal