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  1. Hello! I recently had a video sale for 0.26!!! How is that possible? I was aware of 1.5 sales but this??? Even less than an image? Please someone explain this to me.
  2. Sold 1 clip pack the first day of the month, after another one last month
  3. maybe they need a green background and a branch to put a character, you don´t know.
  4. Whaaaat? Reaaaaaally? Now there´s something you don´t see everyday……………….Except if you read all of your comments ¬¬
  5. Sold my 2nd footage, a huge jump in month earnings so i´m really happy today!
  6. I want to ask you, which format do you use for export? mov, avi, etc and which códec is best for quality?
  7. I don´t know if i deserve to be one of the most hateful by some "expert". But I would like to be Tim Roth (first from the right) XD
  8. No downloads today so......let´s hope the miracle happen again XD
  9. jajajajaja let´s try this again……...Only 1 SOD this month
  10. For me, a good stock photo supplies the need of a graphic element. Nothing more. You don´t need to evoke an emotion if you need a christmas tree for a banner. We work for people who use the pictures, footage or vectors as elements for something else, usually they don´t use only the picture. So anything that you can use as element of design, and I mean anything, is a good stock photo
  11. You portfolio is really good. I think your average of downloads could be around 300+, even more, like 500. In earnings i don´t know coz i don´t have a lot of videos but i´ll say maybe $200-300 per month.
  12. Oh ok, didn´t know about the holy grail technique, thank you!
  13. What´s your advice to adjust the exposure then? In camera? Or do you know some method to do it in post?
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