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  1. It is a while ago that my account was closed. On your Dashboard >> top right >> Gtranquility >> conatct >> scroll down >> fill little window >> submit >> they got back to me a few days later. Got my money a month later. My account is still there, it is all set to zero and i can still use the forums. It can take up to 90 days until i dont have access to my account. Should be soon. Forget the "ASAP" it takes some time. Good luck.
  2. I used the contact button to ask to close my account at the beginning of june They replied a few days later. I got my earnings yesterday which was less than $ 35. My account is all set to zero, but still there, so i am still lurking the forums.
  3. As just now my last payment is on its way, i guess my account will be closed for good in a few days. i would like to say bye bye to my fellow contributors and add two more things: It is absolutely right to stand up against injustice but If you have to get in contact with SS staff, please be friendly and respectful. It is not their decision. It is not their fault. I guess many of of us have worked for s*** companys, because we needed a job. Raging doesnt make you feel better. I know everyone is really excited about the other stock agency starting with A. Do not rely on one company alo
  4. I got mail today, saying i will receive my money. After that my account will be "closed completely". Dont think too much about the different terms like "deactivated" "closed" or "deleted". Just send a friendly message. I wish you all the best my fellow contributors, time to move on. Bye bye.
  5. thank you, that is a good idea. I will copy the link and the quote and contact SS.
  6. from the Mail i received I am not a native speaker, to me all the infos are different. We have "forfeit" , $2, $1, not mentioned at all. I already asked to delete my account, so one day without further notice i wont have access to my account and my 30 bucks, i guess.
  7. i remember when deleting your account, minimum unpaid earnings were $ 2 to be paid out. Has this changed as well? I asked to delete my account, too, i hope i get my $ 30.
  8. There will be no fix. Pushing this thread is like poking a roadkill with stick.
  9. congrats, that is how i started here. Uploaded, forgot, came back, almost fell off my chair. People really bought my stuff. If you are reading through the first few pages of this forums, there are a few threads on "how to do Microstock". I like your images. Hope to see you soon for another Milestone. Welcome my Milestone: just had an Image sold the 10th time and it was a $64 SOD
  10. when closing your account, the minimum payout is $2. Same thoughts as @Tom_Anderson
  11. @SariMe cool, good find. 👍 that was fun, Linda, got another one?
  12. Any chance to read whats on the red container on the far left? or on the black shed below? right to the big white building in the background is some kind of tower, obelisk, or something... the naviera shipping company is running ferrys around spain, canarys and !!! Morocco !!! Casablanca maybe?
  13. ^ this is so true and so sad. its not only photos it is the same problem with vectors. I submitted some patterns a few weeks ago, they were rejected for beeing to similar. So i made a set of the three. It got approved and a few hours later it had disappeard behind almost a hundred files that were almost the same. Looked like only one pixel was moved and another color from the default swatches added. I know what you mean not to talk bad about other peoples work. I would feel bad to post other peoples port to the spamfolio thread. i never aimed to make an income of this, but it fe
  14. I offer this one for sale: woud be an awsome ride from Germany to the UK with a missing rear window and max 30km/h.
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