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  1. When I'm uploading vectors its automatically rejected saying file is below 4 mp. But I had uploaded many vectors and that had been accepted by shutterstock. But it is not accepting after new software imposed by shutterstock (without jpg uploading). please help me. How can I again upload the perfect resolution? China-2.eps
  2. Most of my vectors are rejected due to EPS 8 & EPS 10 factors. To create vectors every one have to buy Adobe Illustrator? But it is not possible for most of the vector Artists due to high price. Can any one tell me how can create vectors without AI?? I/We have come here to sell our creations not to buy a software (AI). Thank you in anticipations.
  3. I am a new new-be. I uploaded my first ever vector which was "accidentally" approved but after that no vector is being approved. But I am using same software (not Adob) for making a vector. I cannot understand why this is happening. What is Bitmaps/ Linked Image (same file name, I know)/ Raster effects? Can any one tell the reason or where shall I get full details? Apple.eps
  4. OK, but rejection reason should be one and only one. You cannot harass a contributor.
  5. I'm experiencing this type of ambiguous rejection reasons many times before. 1st reason of rejection - Illustration Designation: This image must be designated as an illustration. Please resubmit and ensure the "Illustration" checkbox is checked before submitting. Submitted on 12.04.2018-No. 1067587319. 2nd reason of rejection of same - Reference Image: A reference image is required or the attached reference image does not resemble the final image. Submitted on 13.04.2018- No. 1068004721.
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