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  1. This is just disgrace, for years of using shutterstock and you are dropping sales to 0.10$. For that low is it's maybe a time to switch to somewhere else, 0.10$ is miserable to bother with, and to have to start over and over again is bottom low. I just started with Adobe stock and for one image sale, i get 0.66$. I earned more by selling 2 images there then selling 10 on shutterstock.
  2. I understand this topic can be a bit too much but i am wondering do you guys share your stock images on social media. And i don't mean sharing your shutterstock page or image with watermark. Posting full image on social media? I have a lot of travel images from vacations and many of them are on shutterstock but i would like to post some of my vacation images on my facebook gallery, i didn't put any as i am not sure it's good idea. So guys what's your thoughts on this and do you upload your photos that you sell on stock websites also on your social media accounts? I wouldn't post all, but some of them are beautiful and i would like to share them with my friends. Maybe uploading ones with shutterstock watermark ?
  3. You think name on boat can be? It's just name of boat, i think it says nautical boat. every boat have that, along with registration number which is under boat name on this one. Ill try to mask it out and resubmit.
  4. So this image is rejected for missing artwork property release but i don't get it, what is here artwork. It's a photo of sunset and boats at dock, and it's photo i made when i was on vacation. What i am missing here, if, there is some artwork, can i submit photo as editorial?
  5. I didn't edit photos yet but i basically took screenshots of raw just to show examples, Here's a photo of one guy warrior i have closeup and he is basically statue with bunch of others on a bridge. And another example would be A lion on fountain, also close shot of lion which i would like to submit and here's whole fountain where lion is.
  6. I've recently been on a trip to Skopje and in center of the city they have hundred statues, fountains, landmarks, memorial buildings, and while for some of them i understand, some are maybe even forbidden to submit so ill avoid submitting those that are direct landmarks to place, some of them are just known places so based on previous experience those are going in editorial. But they also have a lot of statues that are just statues, they are unknown people, there's no history tied up to them, there are also animals like tigers and lions. Some of them are just isolated statues, some of them are grouped statues with multiple people and/or animals, some of them are on the bridge, so i have wide shot of bridge with statues, some are making fountain. Some of them i just shoot partially like only shield of a warrior closeup, or spear, or helmet. So how do you submit these kind of photos, are they editorial or not, or are they even forbidden to submit?
  7. You have quite nice quality photos there, and for first month with 18 downloads and 180 photos its really good. I see that travel photos are required and sold good but there is a specific niche of quality and simpleness in photos that are required for sale I have been uploading for 4 months not and have about 250 photos but only 20 and something sales. But i just didn't make much stock quality photos, getting into it and posting my travel photos that have some quality for stock. So far you are better than most of us as i can see.
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