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  1. I'm getting only 0.10$ downloads since the start of the new system: All about this is disconcerting and demeaning. I am here since January 2018, a few months ago I managed to get to level 2 (0.33$ subs) and I was really excited about it, I began to reach reasonable monthly revenues. Then, the COVID crisis made my sales drop for more than 50%, and now this silly, humiliating "earning structure" will make me not reach monthly payout again. Very sad, really very sad.
  2. I really can't understand what the expectations are from a business point of view after such a heavy change. Such a decrease in the economic reward reserved for contributors will of course and in a short time result in a mass flight of the contributors to other stock sites. And if contributors move, the buyers' market will move too sooner or later. I really would like to be in the head of those who had this brilliant idea at SS, to understand what they imagine it will happen now.
  3. Drastically shuffled for me too. Personally, it seems to me that the sorting makes more sense now. Until yesterday what I saw were 80% of new images, interspersed with some of my bestsellers. Now I think that the mix is more balanced, the bestsellers are more or less in their place, then I see many images that have sold on average on last months, and then some of the recently uploaded images that have not yet sold.
  4. Same as others, my sales in April are extremely poor, the current average is around 2 downloads per day, while in December 2019 and January 2020 it was about 4 per day. By the end of the month, I will probably have the same sales numbers of April 2019, when my portfolio was less than half. But this doesn't surprise me, since most of my photos are travel and / or tourism related, so the kind of media that suffers most from the current situation
  5. It is so clear, you cannot take economical advantage of such fine and sophisticated artistic productions, how dare you? (I'm ironic of course)
  6. Mmm yes, it could be, but then, once the "forbidden" keywords are not there, I should think I caught the one reviewer living in Glastonbury, out of all those who work here? Anyway as I said before, a lot of other pictures in which the Glastonbury Tor is actually in the image, title and keywords, were accepted as editorials. In the "Known image restrictions list", it says: National Trust Properties The National Trust Properties will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. So, who knows? I will try another time and then I will give up 🤷‍♂️
  7. Thanks both 🙂 I'm also not entirely satisfied with the look of the photo, but it's the best I managed to pull out of the shots I took that day and from that position 🤷‍♂️
  8. Thanks, this could be a reason, but I did not mention "Glastonbury Tor" in title or keywords, so this image is a generic landscape, that could not be restricted for this reason. "Glastonbury" or "Somerset" are not restricted words, I think. Anyway, as I said before, other editorial pictures with "Glastonbury Tor" in the image, title and keywords were accepted, and on SS there is a huge collections of them, even as commercial images: https://www.shutterstock.com/search/glastonbury+tor?rid=192581058 Thanks for the image review, but the effect was wanted, not a mista
  9. Hi all, I received several times the "Non-Licensable Content" rejection, and it was always related to "graffiti-like" scribbles on some walls. This time I received the same rejection for two pictures that don't have any hint of graffiti or similar, they are two panoramic shots taken from the Glastonbury Tor on the surrounding countryside. I tried with commercial first and then editorial, the answer was "Non Licensable" in both cases. I uploaded many other pictures taken on the Glastonbury Tor, mostly as editorial, and there were no issues with them , you can see them if you
  10. January was my best month so far, second in a row with >100 downloads, first month with >100$ earnings (also thanks to a single 44$ download), and the month in which I reached tier 2
  11. Just got this... which leads to... First step reached! (very, very likely this will remain my only reached step here 😄)
  12. I also own a "gold banded" Tamron, and yes, it is quite soft over the 200/250 mm range. Thank you very much for the suggestions on the nighttime photography, in my experiences so far I have always forced myself to keep the ISO at 100 (I have a Canon 77D, APSC), but I realize now that it was a probably unnecessary costraint
  13. Yes of course, I'm interested. My idea on the first photo is that, in addition to the crooked lines, the colors are quite far from reality (too strong PP), and also the focus is rather soft, especially on the sides. I think that this same image would not be accepted today by SS.
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