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  1. Sold 25 photos from Turkey in one hit on 123 rf on Tuesday. Consistent sales on DT and DP. AL sales are rare but above $20!
  2. I am going down the complete disaster path with SS at the moment. I have not uploaded any photos for over one month and think my images have all been sent to search page 100!
  3. There are many organizations buying photos of tourist hotspots showing what it was like prior to C19. I sold once last week on Al showing crowd of tourists in Egypt and made no mention of C19 in description.
  4. Nice port Hector. I think your name only has to be included with editorial photos.
  5. Beautiful portfolio you have. I have had around 20 sales from same location. All were editorial. I think perhaps a travel website.
  6. Nice portfolio of images Filip. The only things I never photograph overseas are anything military, for example military bases, soldiers, etc. Besides that I have never had any problems submitting photos from 20 different countries to various stock libraries.
  7. Get consistent sales on DT, some on DP. 123 was very good but sales almost end once you stop loading around 200 photos per month. PF was useless.
  8. Cannot agree with you. I have sold many newly uploaded images in the past two weeks.
  9. Speaking of great Turkish photographers, I was lucky enough to meet Yusuf Darliyerli the first time I went to Turkey in 2009. A great street/people photographer who has published at least 2 books of his work. http://yusufdariyerli.com/
  10. Consider it your Christmas present from Shutterstock.
  11. I hope this all just a computer glitch. If not the race to the bottom has well and truely begun.
  12. You have got nothing to lose by asking for a media pass for the event. It will most probably state what you are allowed to use any photos for. They will most Iikely allow editorial use but not commercial use. I have approached total strangers who organise sporting events in Turkey for media passes and have always been granted one. Not bad for an Australian who cannot speak Turkish!
  13. Non photographers just don't get it. So annoying when you have to hire a driver to take you somewhere like an ancient site in a foreign country and they want to leave 5 minutes after you arrive.
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