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  1. Do you get as much sales there? i'm on several agencies.. ss has lowest prices, but a couple of sales a day. adobe for me only a download per week in average (i started later there, and only have 1/8th of my portfolio uplpaded already, but still..) Alamy: 1 sale per month, but at least a couple of dollars per sale, sometimes over 100, so by the end of the year i have about equal revenue from ss and alamy.
  2. Actually, when you just submit your refused pictures again, without changing anything to them and without checking "Previously Submitted" , there is quite a good chance that they get accepted the next time. or rejected for a totally different reason then the previous time. Big batches of pictures tend to get rejected all for the same reason. before the AI came, that was supposed to be the fault of lazy reviewers. not sure what is causing it now. I have the suspicion the AI is programmed to be as lazy and unreliable as the real reviewers used to be. Maybe trained with their approvals
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