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  1. I think shutterstock sales has become like Russian roulette
  2. Yes covid has had a major impact on everyone.Try to create content concerning the pandemic.
  3. Is this the effect of covid pandemic the low sales?
  4. Do you think adding how many views you get for an image will be an added feature?
  5. Is it me or has the microstock business saleswise gone down post pandemic?
  6. The root problem is those sites which give free images like unsplash and they are growing in numbers. So this is a huge concern too.
  7. Guys I think you guys are getting extended license sales rather than SOD.
  8. It would be so nice if SS explains the payment structure level wise of SOD,Subscription, EL etccc
  9. congrats is this an image or video?
  10. can we download images from our own catalogue
  11. From what I understand everyone is reset to level 1 starting June 1st which is why everyone has to start from level 1 and earn 10 cents until they cross 100 downloads and go to level 2 where they will earn 20 cents. This is my understanding??
  12. Ohh thats so depressing :((
  13. So then they say you get 20 percent in level 2. So isnt that 20 percent of say 1 dollar. Im confused.
  14. If i cross 10 downloads from June 1st do i get to level 2? And if so does my earning go from 10 cents to 20 cents??
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