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  1. Shutterstock just approved this image and I have to edit the description. I know I edited before, but completely forgot how to do it!
  2. Thank you everybody for your replies. I agree with the majority here that it should not be done. First, because it would stress the frog out. Also, to me a photograph is when you capture a moment in time - what this person did was stage a supposedly natural setting. He also won first prize. Another photograph he had on display was a Downy Woodpecker on the top of a tree stump - I swear the bird looked like it wasn't alive as the way it was sitting. I live in the country and it is very irresponsible for a homeowner to feed birds in the summer, as it attracts bears into the neighborhood. I also overheard him say that he feeds the birds (to get pictures), and the bears will come in the yard and ruin the setting. . I had to bite my tongue and walk away.
  3. My photography was displayed at an exhibition. There was a captivating photograph of a frog on a lily pad for display. Later on I overheard the photographer saying he put the frog in the refrigerator to get the frog into hibernation so he could position it himself on the lily pad. Is this ethical?
  4. Years ago I passed a church with a saying on their outside announcement board: "Sometimes God has to break us to remake us."
  5. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Depression sucks and I am sure we all experience it one time or another. If you get relief from your camera - keep your mind occupied and start shooting away. I'm going thru a very tough time now, too, and unlike you, I don't get relief from anything. Know that you are not alone and things WILL get better.
  6. No, I just video-taped out my kitchen window. The state park is behind my house.
  7. I'd like to share a video I took of a black bear family yesterday. Watch how the mother bear hugs her cub after she carefully picks him up. Enjoy! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6400138091109195776/
  8. Thankfully he dropped it outside when I scared him!
  9. I tried to delete a post I was going to make and instead, deleted the whole topic of "What am I doing wrong"! If there is any way I can restore it, please let me know. I am still new to this forum and learning by trial and error. I want to thank everyone with you advice on how to take a good picture of a bear cub, which is extremely hard. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a short video I took of a bear which appeared on America's Funniest Home Videos. I had my front door open on a hot summer evening and look what happened!
  10. Very true! I once wondered where NJ's former Governor Christie lived. It took me less then 5 minutes to find out; and not only did I get his address, but what he purchased his house for and what his property taxes are. I googled his name - found out he lived in Mendham, went on this website: http://tax1.co.monmouth.nj.us/cgi-bin/prc6.cgi?&ms_user=monm&passwd=data&srch_type=0&adv=0&out_type=0&district=1922 went under Assessment Records Search, Select County which is Morris, Select District which is Mendham Twp., typed in his last name "Christie" under owners name then click on the "submit search" button. If anybody tries this, you will see how expensive New Jersey taxes are!
  11. I don't play any stupid games. What I don't like, I scroll by. I have nothing to hide. Like it or not, there are going to be many more entities to worry about then Facebook. In fact, after being charged with harassment on Facebook regarding one of my posts, a year and a half later - change of venues - in and out of court - a trial - and over $5000 in legal fees, I was found not guilty. I believe in my first amendment right and will not feel intimidated by anyone and will fight right to the end. And after all this, you would think I would delete my Facebook account - but didn't. You can read about it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwic7n1k4nn59e3/SK-Tort_Claim.pdf?dl=0 Most important: Worry about our country's leader and not Facebook.
  12. You can get all kinds of personal information on the internet about people. I am keeping my Facebook Account open - what do people put on their page that would warrant them to close their account? I fear who is running our country more then what's on Facebook!
  13. Laurin, you can stop that fast. Thank everyone on your Facebook page for reaching out to you to give interviews, but now you find it necessary to charge a fee - and make it a high one. If you don't need the money, then donate it to your favorite charity. I use my Facebook page a lot because of my animal and environmental advocacy....and to spread the word about the timid behavior of the black bear. If I want "the world to know" I make my post "public" otherwise I change the privacy setting for more personal posts to "friends only." My latest public post was to let everyone know that one of my bear video clips is going to be aired on America's Funniest Videos this Sunday April 15th, 7 pm EST on Channel 7 (abc). If anyone wants to see cute bear video's, visit my Facebook Page - Susan Hatkins Kehoe.
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